So life is…

It has been a while since my last blog entry. I don’t know why but I am enjoying having a low profile after the chaos of last month. I have applied for several vacancies online over the weekend and got 4 interview calls today. I am sure that within 10 working days I’ll be hired.

Meanwhile, my parents went to see Priyanka and her family this weekend. My cousin sister and her husband (Mr. Choure, who is a doctor and I call him Jijaji) and my aunty (my mom’s sister, my Mausi) were also with them. Everyone liked Priyanka and congratulated me. To my surprise, when in the evening I called my Dad for general talk, the call was attended by Priyanka!

My mom invited her at our apartment in Indore to have a few personal words. I still don’t have a clue about on what they conversed to each other. So in the end, my family is happy and Priyanka liked my house and my family too.

She was pretty surprised by my super cool Dad. Yes! My Dad is cool but sometimes he gets back in his shell and becomes the retired schoolteacher from a very conservative village.

To visit the girl’s house by boy’s parents is the second step taken in a arrange marriage after getting the proposal by the girl’s family.

Stay tuned for more!

PS: Opening this weekend is a Bollywood Hindi Film called ‘Vivah’ means Marriage. Vivah is coming out from the one of the most prominent production houses from India. Rajshri Productions are following the traditional themes and Indian cultural rituals in cinema since last 50 years.

Vivah’s tagline says, ‘A journey from engagement to marriage’. (Arranged!)

We all are waiting for this film. Jacky and Zoe, don’t miss it, even in the US! It will have English subtitles. And for my Chinese sweetie Yanyan…? Wait for the DVD!


2 thoughts on “So life is…

  1. Morning Dushyant !/very glad to know that everything everything is going very well for you there !!hehe thank you for hsaring it !I have written down the name of the movie .I will keep looking for here ! hehe Wish you a fantastic day !
    Hey thats a gorgeous pose !
    take good care !

  2. How I would love to see this film!! Haven’t heard of it but will have to watch for the DVD

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