November 08, 2006

Here is the report! My Mom spilled the beans to Priyanka about something that only Moms know about their children. They both had a chat for more then an hour and finally liked each other’s company. I think it is a good start.

I got 3 more calls from different companies to make the tally to 7 now. Job is just round the corner. I am still not panic about it.

Last night there was a thunderstorm here in Pune. It rained heavily and small ice-stones also fell from sky. It is so unusual in month of November as the monsoon is gone a long time back. The ice made the atmosphere cold and now we might need sweaters and jackets soon. Winter is one of my favorite seasons. In India it starts from November and lasts till February.

If any of my friends are planning to visit India ever, I suggest you to come in winter season only. Otherwise the Indian summer or monsoon might prove your trip a nightmare.


One thought on “November 08, 2006

  1. Sounds everything is going great and great for you now ! heheh 🙂
    Yeah winter is coming there !Do you have thick snow in winter ?
    Why winter is the best season for traveling in India ?wont it be too cold ?hehe
    Is it very hot in summer ,and long monsoon ?

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