Another week is ending

Ronald, myEx-Boss from Westbase Technology, has sent me an email this morning asking me what is going on and for the reply he left his cell number. When I called he asked me if I am looking for a job, I could meet him. So a meeting is fixed for tomorrow. I am not sure if I should join WBT but he was a good boss during my tenure there so I think there is no harm meeting him. Lets see what happens.

Now a gossip from my love life, Priyanka is preparing for MBA so she has to concentrate on her studies as well as the wedding things. So on a formal chat on Monday we decided to call each other only on Sundays. But she missed me so much that she gave me a missed call on Wednesday and finally we spoke to each other last night. It was a funny scene. She was very shy and passed on her first order for me to make sure I call her every evening.

Here comes another issue, as we both need to reevaluate all the things that we want to say or ask from each other. This is the best part from an arrange marriage.

Climate here is going cold as Indian standards (17C). It will go down till 6C.

Last late night I saw a B&W Classic film of Kishor Kumar named ‘Naukari’. It was so depressing that I finally switched off the TV set and slept. Tonight, I probably am going to see the movie ‘Vivah’ (means Marriage, opening tonight) with some of my friends, as they are keen to see the film with me.

Hey! Any of you guys use Orkut?


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