Date is today!

It is a funny thing but I am working this weekend and in office looking for more details but unable to figure out the real things to be worked upon.

I mean I do have loads of pending work but do not know where to start I mean I need to ask someone for more details and in some cases I need more specification.

Anyways, Priyanka’s parents are visiting my parents today to fix upon the date of our wedding.

Here I wish a very happy birthday to Jackie (a.k.a. Mom) on turning 43 today and wishing her a long and lovely life in years to come.

People I am having a fun time these days and hoping the same for you! Enjoy!

Here I am leaving you with this picture of Isha with a big chunk of chocolate in her mouth and teeth with cavities! 🙂


I am a busy bee!

Today my office HR people got a cake to celebrate my belated birthday. We had a good 15 minute break to enjoy during tea time. I am feeling happy these days and it shows everywhere! I am going to watch a movie tonight (probably ‘Bhagam bhag’) just to pass the time and for the sake of not missing any hyped film.

Gaurav, one of my roommates, is quite busy these days so he returns late from office. Till he comes I have no option but to wait for him to plan for the evening as Vicky bhai, Manoj bhai and Bharmu are quite busy with their shift job timings.

I have to do a lot of things before February and the list is indeed very long. It consists of finding an apartment on rent to live after marriage, applying for cooking gas connection, purchasing a washing machine, loose around 6 K.G. of body fat, shoot for the ICE short film festival (independent or/and with 24×7 stuff i.e. Before the Storm) and not just this. I also have to do some big shopping like shoes and cloths.

I am also starting to invest in stocks from next year.

This reminds me of the ‘TO DO’ list for the New Year that I have to prepare in a couple of days but alas, I have so many things to do in office.

Busy guy!

Well people! Just have fun and enjoy life!

Santa Came to Town!

I am back folks! Here I’d like to announce that NO one – I repeat – NO one from my 360 family has wished me on my birthday, which was on 24th.

I am not so happy about it!

(Jackie, Zoe and you Yanyan and everyone out there.)

(Oops! I am complaining!)

Not to worry folks as I really enjoyed the whole weekend, my b’day and Christmas with my whole family, friends and fiancé in Indore and finally I am back to Pune.

In this trip of mine to my home city, I just enjoyed the food that I was missing since long. People who live in the city of Indore are famous for their eating habits. They love to eat good food and that also all day long. Here in Pune I can’t see the passion about traditional eateries or foodie people (they love burgers and Pizzas but they just arrived in India!)

Santa gave me some very beautiful, lovely and memorable gifts this Christmas and on my b’day in forms of love, life and Harry Potter!

YES! ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow’ is the tile of the book 7 of Harry Potter series. Plus! the trailer of ‘Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix’ is out there on the web. The movie ‘HP and OoP’ will release on 13th of July 2007. Isn’t this is a great news? Though ‘Goblet of Fire’ actually broke my heart several times as I was expecting some very different emotions among the trio, I am looking forward to the next outing of Warner Bros.

I hope the purity of book 5 will be maintained in the Order of Phoenix.

Now the questions are building up again on what is ‘Deathly Hallows’?

Have a great day ahead!

Marry Christmas Everyone!

First of all I’d like to tell you that my 360 stats has gone mad. It shows me 400 page views in just one day! If it is not then I am a popular guy online! My counter has crossed the 10,000 benchmark and it is growing as I am making this blog entry!

I am in trouble again!

Aarti and Priyanka want me to be at Indore at my birthday i.e. 24th of December. Aarti will meet Priyanka for the first time on that day and Priyanka’s parents and my parents will discuss upon the dates of our wedding.

They may arrange for a same function for me as was arranged for Priyanka while she visited Sanawad. Loads of people will come to see me.

I don’t know what is going to happen (again!).

NOW the trouble is, as the plans goes I have to leave for Indore tonight so that I’ll reach one day well in advance and make myself comfortable and relaxed before my b’day.

No tickets! All the buses are packed and Indore is 650 KM from Pune and I am having no options but to travel with Tony, who is going till Ujjain for his wedding on 27th on a waiting list train ticket and a RAC ticket of Vincent.

Aarti’s college principal has refused to grant her leaves from her hostel as the freshmen year girls have to perform in a function on 28th. She is fighting hard to get a couple of days on Christmas. Hard luck for her, otherwise someone from my family will go and request to the authorities of her institute.

People, I’ll return to my work on Tuesday with loads of stories and gossip. So here I want to wish all my friends a Very Happy Festive Season and Marry Christmas.

Bye! Have a fun time!

Salaam-e-Ishq : A tribute to love

Salaam-e-Ishq : A tribute to love

Salaam-e-Ishq means A Salute to Love. This magnum opus is releasing in theaters January 2007. The music is fabulous and the movie is grand. You can understand what exactly I mean when you see this video.

In the end of the video Salmaan Khan says:

‘Salaam-e-Ishq O meri jaan, zaraa qubul kar lo.
Tum humse pyaar karne ki zaraasi bhul kar lo.’

Please accept the salute of love my lifeline.
Please make the mistake of falling in love with me.

I’ll soon post the teasers of the songs also but for now just accept ‘Salaam-e-Ishq’ from me!
Have a wonderful day ahead!

Ask Me for One Truth “?”


One Question……….

1 question……………………..?

1 chance………………………..?

1 answer………………………..?

That’s all you get. You get to ask me 1 question.

Any one question, no matter how crazy it is.

ANY 1 question!!

Conditions: I promise to answer it right here on the blog comments.

The catch is, you have to repost this and see what people ask you.

I asked Jackie a question on her blog so now I am posting here.

So go for it…………… One Question!!

A coconut!

First of all thank you all for all the sweet comments on my blog. To tell you an amazing thing, my parents are looking for the wedding ASAP so you are going to get something more very soon!

Now on the questions asked by Zoe:

When we refer to coconut it means the dry brown coconut. It is referred as the most pure fruit and is used in all the auspicious functions and rituals in India. It is important because of its unique properties, hard on the out side but soft and sweet inside. It is a remembrance of our forefathers. A coconut is an important thing.

As the silver coin goes, In India all the newly wed girls are considered as the goddess ‘Laxmi’, the goddess of Money, hence the welcome with the silver coin!

Kabul Express

Original Text From

Sarcasm is a wonderful cushion to rest your soul in a parched climate. So we have Linda Arsenio, playing the cynical American journalist in arid Afghanistan, saying to the two rookies from India, “There’s so much variety here…kebabs for breakfast, kebabs for lunch, kebabs for dinner…bring on the kebabs.”

The cynicism is applicable to the film which moves through the parched land in pursuit of a rugged adventure which leaves us thirsting for those moist moments that make a movie move.

Nothing and everything moves in Kabul Express. It’s a dry sardonic look at a time when 9/11 had changed politics all over the world. John and Arshad are the two Indian rookie journalists grappling with desert-borne strife and cynicism. Their Pakistani and Afghani co-travelers (Salman Shahid , Hanif Humghum) create a kind of stifling stress in the car that carries the heroes through the dusty terrain.

In all honesty Kabul Express is a film more commendable for its ambition than for its execution. The deserts of Afghanistan captured with concerted conviction by Anshuman Mahaley, serve as a silent but over-powering backdrop. The interaction among the five cultural-specific travelers could have been far more penetrating.

We don’t see the characters attempting anything but cursory conversation, made even more casual by the differing linguistic specifications of each character. After a while we end up admiring the director more for what he has attempted than achieved.

The performances barely touch the pinnacles of poignancy that line the war-torn country’s efforts to limp back to normalcy. A hugely tragic moment such as the one where John invites a little boy to do push –ups with him… only to realize the kid is legless… get lost in the awesome bigness of the film’s geo-political canvas.

Once in Afghanistan Kabir Khan is undecided about whether to use the desertscape as a spectator to the human interaction or as a vocal and prominent participant in the placement and progression of the plot.

Kabul Express is both a tribute to the spirit of survival and a covert political statement on how deceitful our proximate and distant neighbors have been in dealing with us. Pakistan emerges as the main villain of the show, thereby negating Yash Raj’s Hindi-Paki bhai-bhai romance in Veer-Zara.

Finally it’s all about the view from where we stand. While John tries hard to not allow his looks to mar his convictions, Warsi has some terrific moments to himself, like the one where he gets into the groove as Mohd Rafi and sings ‘Main zindagi ka saath nibhata gaya’.

Savour that moment. It’s the only time a song plays in the film.

When India Shocked the world

And came the second news of the day early evening. Indian Cricket Team registered their First Ever Test Victory over South Africa.

Wow what a win that was. Simply breathtaking. I never watch test cricket because it takes 5 days to finish but the scores and states which are coming made me watch the game since last 3 days in the evenings.

India is back with a bang after their continue loss of ODIs and Test matches in Shri Lanka and Champions Trophy this October.