The Big ‘D’ returns

Yes I am back and with a bang! First thing first. Today was my sister Aarti’s 17th Birthday and she had a good time shuttling between her hostel and home all day long and finally was with Mom and Dad in the evening at 102 year old city fair of Sanawad which comes to the city every December.

There are lots of news and stories for everyone. To add this day to the world history, today on the World AIDS Day, Indian Cricket team played their first ever Twenty-20 format cricket match with South Africa and won. It was a very hot match and we enjoyed it completely. NOW again some good news comes from me that I got the job and will be joining one of my previous employers, Westbase Technology on 11th of December. The payment is good and it is going to be a calmer working atmosphere. I am cool with it.

Apart from these happenings there is the great Indian political scene is hot these days. Some one had broken down the statue of the great Indian leader Dr. B. R. Ambedkar in Kanpur.


Ambedkar, who fought for the rights of equality on the Indian social stage at times when people of schedule caste were considered untouchables, raised the voice of people and he is respected as the leader who gave us the Great Indian Constitution in written.

People (don’t exactly know why? And who?) did nasty things all around the country just to protest against the damage of the statue. They burned buses, private vehicles and destroyed public property. IDIOTS! These guys have never seen anything in their lives then poverty.


They literally do not understand the power of OUR COUNTRY then the power of OUR CASTE and OUR LEADER. Dr. Ambedkar Died in the hope that one day, his country will see a new light of empowerment and equality. But these CULTURED CITIZENS of the GREATEST COUNTRY ON EARTH, who do not accept the fact that India has still a long way to go before the word GREAT, burned properties more then Rs. 30 Mn. In 2 days flat.


 I really do not know and do not want to know about who are these people who really do this kind of stuff just because some political leader has offered them some alcohol or just some words which are a far cry from the reality.

No one in the young generation today wants to be a politician and everyone just sends their curses to all the politicians. Just a few days ago when Indian cricket team was not performing well, the issue was raised in the parliament and was discussed for whole 2 hours.

The CHOOSEN FOOLS from the BIGGEST constitution of the world do not have anything better to look into. The North East states are in pathetic situation. China is having deals with Pakistan in Nuclear consignments, India is receiving threats from Al-Qaeda, and these DEVINE people are playing politics over selection of cricketers in the squad OR over the broken statue.

I After all this crap, I am going to Indore and Sanawad for a week long holidays before joining my new job. I’ll be meeting Priyanka and my family there. One of my Bhabhis (Sister in law) is expecting her second child any time now. It is going to be fun being around my agitated cousin this time. I’ll visit Barwani too.

Catch you later people. This is time to go!


2 thoughts on “The Big ‘D’ returns

  1. I’m sorry to see such turmoil erupting…this is always so sad to see people acting vicious and destructive.

    I hope you have a safe and fun holiday and congratulations on getting the job! I’m proud of you!

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