Hi everyone!

I returned from Indore this Sunday morning and joined Westbase Technology (again) on Monday. It feels good to be back here. Westbase was the first company which employed me outside Indore and it makes me nostalgic when ever I think about those good old days here.

The riots, which I mentioned in my last post, are finally stopped and everyone forget about them now. This is the nature of this nation to forget things so quickly. I do not know how we have adopted this kind of attitude in our nature.

People are calm now. Everyone started cursing the nature as the winter in India has finally arrived. People are now started wearing warm cloths and doing campfires at many places. I love winter season and why not? I was born in this season, Just a day before Christmas.

My trip to my home was a perfect one. The true feelings of family, happiness and joy were waiting for me for all these years to shower in just a week’s time.

Firstly I went to Indore and spent a full day with my would-be wife, Priyanka. We chatted on all the things. I reached Sanawad at my mother’s place in the night that day. Aarti was waiting for me as she was supposed to be at her hostel on Monday. I reached home, everyone was happy. Late that nigh me and Noopur went to the city’s old fair and for the records; it was not as good as it was used to be when I was a kid.

Next morning Papa and I left home for the week long travel plan just to have fun in his car. First we dropped Aarti to her hostel in Borawan and went to Barwani after the whole day’s drive. Roads in India are not too great. It takes time to reach the destination.

My Grandpa had three sons. My father’s elder brother, my Tauji (uncle), died 18 years ago. His wife (my Aunt, Taiji) and their 3 son live in Barwani with their wives and kids. According to Indian culture my cousins are my brothers and sisters, so we always stand united and act as a family. I call my brothers Bhaiya and they call me by my name as I am the youngest of them all. I call their wives Bhabhi. My bhabhi’s do call me bhaiya. It shows the love and respect towards each other.

All the children of my house call me Dadu Kaka as Dadu is my nick name and Kaka means uncle.

My father’s younger brother, my Kakaji (uncle) and his family also lives in the same city. We all enjoy each other’s company so much. Finally after almost 3 years I was visitng my roots, my father’s home town and the place where my forefathers lived their whole lives.

SO, let me introduce you to my family. We are a big family. My Mom, Dad, Taiji(Aunt), Kakaji(uncle), Kakiji(Aunt), Sanjay Bhaiya, Anita Bhabhi, Ajay Bhaiya, Dipa Bhabhi, Abhishek Bhaiya, Rupali Bhabhi, Avdhesh Bhaiya,Sonia Bhabhi, Aarti, Samarth, Isha, Parth, Atharva, Rene and Kartik.

Aarti is my sister and Kartik is the latest entry in our family as he is born on 6th of this month while I was there. We all welcomed the new Kanungo in our family with proud.

Priyanka is going to be the 21st member of the Kanungo Clan and everyone is waiting for her to join the bandwagon. All the kids will call her nai kaki (new aunt).

All these days while I was in Barwani, my job was to drop the kids to school, then pick them up, then drop them to tuitions and get them chocolates and deliver their lunch boxes in the after noon and just do all the things to pamper them. I love kids and being with own family makes me too happy. I love to do baby sitting.

On our way back home we stopped by Dawana, my mom’s home town and visited my Mamaji’s(maternal uncle) house and met Mamiji, Bhaiyas and Bhabhis and their children too. We got my Granny to come with us to Sanawad.

Finally in the end we reached Sanawad and then my mom announced that I have to go to Indore again at Priyanka’s house to have dinner and meet her parents and family.

I was feeling so uncomfortable when I reached at her house with Priyank, my childhood friend and her cousin. But it became a very good experience and soon I was one of them. I was fed like I was coming from Kalahari. It was so amusing and wonderful. The food was superb and everyone was happy to see me there. Next day I visited my Mausi (My mom’s sister, aunt) in Indore and got the bus back to Pune.


What was that! I am so happy after all these years I got to see so many people of my family and all are my loved ones. I will start putting my pics from the recent trip here on blog to introduce my world to the world.

Rest is fine and cool!


2 thoughts on “Hi everyone!

  1. Hey Dushyant !!I knew you must had been doing great ,Was I right totally ? lol I knew you were too busy to see your online friends ! I cant blame you .lol
    Im really glad to hear that everything has been great for you and your family there ,and feel the immense happiness from you , Im really happy for you !
    Wow you have a big happy family ,how lucky you are !!
    I hope you will have a great time with your new job ! and my bestest wishes for you and your family friends ! Always take good care !

  2. Oh gosh Dushyant, you do have a big family! And was was welcomed home with open arms and given wonderful memories to take back. You were spoiled with love and you pampered the younger ones in return. LOL

    Thanks for posting the homecoming story – it was great. Hurry with the pictures!!! *wink

    Warm Hugs,
    Jackie (mom)

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