Another Ceremony before Marriage

Actually I do not want to break the chain but here is something really important that I want to blog about. It is about yesterday. I was really anxious all day long. Yesterday was my father’s 64th birthday and Priyanka visited my house at Sanawad for the first time. I wished Papa in the morning and all he was concerned about the visit of his daughter-in-law in his house.

Mom was so enthusiastic that she invited ladies of the whole neighborhood to introduce Priyanka. It is a very common practice in our society to make a new person comfortable if he/she is new in the locality. This practice is common in the countryside of India. Priyanka came to my house with her Mom, Granny, Aunts and cousin.

There my family organized a small ceremony of accepting the girl as their soon-to-be daughter-in-law and the girl who will lead their family from the front and will help the family to grow and will support in all good and bad times. This is officially announced now. My Dad gave her a silver coin and a coconut and all the ladies gave her one gift or the other to welcome her.

Priyanka was very shy all day long. She, along with my Granny and Mom, prepared the lunch and everyone enjoyed the day. Dad said that this was his best birthday ever. I know what he means.

The bad thing about this function was that my little sister has not seen Priyanka YET! She cried in the night when I called her telling about the day’s story as I was told by Priyanka. She missed it all. She even was not with me when I was in Barwani. Having a family function that too woman oriented and absence of my little sister definitely was noticed by my parents too.

I was in Pune and missed all the action too but I never minded that as I just came after a rocking time out there.

Well, wishing Aarti meets her Bhabhi soon!

And Again… Happy Birth Day Papa! May you live a long and healthy life and will be with us always.


2 thoughts on “Another Ceremony before Marriage

  1. I really do enjoy reading the little peeks into your wedding world…I find it all so very interesting!!! What is the reason of giving the silver coin and a coconut…mostly wondering about the coconut!!!

  2. Happy birthday to your dad ! I hope its later to say that now ,still wanted to send my bestest wishes to your dad also everyone of your family !
    Yeah I can understand that how happy your dad was on hiss brithday !
    the Ceremony is really great and so caring loving in India ! I feel family is the most important thing in India ,every number of families is so close to each other ,and they care love each other so much too ! Its really an amazing custom ! I can feel there are plenty of happiness care love smiles in your family !

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