He knows only two expressions. Either smiling or not smiling. My Kakaji calls him ‘No Man’s Land’. Atharva is another name of Hindu god Loard Ganesha.

Atharva with his nick name ‘Bunnu’, surely loves me the most in all the kids. He even says my name while he is asleep. He just wants to be with me if I am around somewhere.

Here I feel the Awww…! thing whenever I see him or he calls me Dadu Kaka.

He is very shy and calm but his seniors in the house are far smarter to make him join the Little Brats Union.

He is Ajay bhaiya and Dipali Bhabhi’s first child.


2 thoughts on “Atharva

  1. oh just a weekend you have posted so many blogs ! What a shame that I havent blogged for a long while !
    He is so cute and interesting ! the smile is really awesome ! hehehe I think he a some alike you ! lol
    i feel you really love kids so much , no wonder they love you too !

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