Isha is pronounced ee-SHA. It is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is “woman.”

She is the first child of Abhishek Bhai and Rupali Bhabhi. Being the elder sister of Parth is not an easy task. You need to be more alert, more conscious, more prepared, faster, smarter and above all should have the guts to play the elder sister’s part.

Till 5 generations of which we have written records and information, Kanungo clan never had any girl child in the family. When my sister Aarti was born, it was a day of happiness. Isha, being in the 6th generations made a team with Aarti and now supports for more girls in the family.

She pampers Rene and YES you can see how much Rene loves her too.

Isha is the sugar sweet blackmailer. She made me do her mathematics homework just because one day I took her with all the kids and we had fun all day and her homework was pending. She was so worried about not being prompt to finish it on the schedule. She is in 2nd grade in school.

She loves cartoons, chocolates, blowing horn of my car, doing homework, going to school (even if she is not well then also she goes to school), beating up kids in the neighborhood, Rene, badminton, blackmailing people and fooling Parth.

My cute little baby!


2 thoughts on “Isha

  1. Very pretty cute also happy little girl ! must be a bit like a boy sometimes ! lol really have so many kids in your family .how do you deal with that Dushyant ? I mean when they around you atthe same time ? you must have gotten a lot of nice experiences and tricks . hohoho Q.~

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