Please don’t get awed by the sweetness of this guy.

He is the master of them all. He can plan execute and knows how to enjoy the outcomes of a mischief.

He is sleek, he is fast and he is 15 days older then Atharva.

Parth is Abhishek Bhai and Rupali Bhabhi’s second child and is named after the greatest warrior in Indian mythological book ‘Mahabharat’. Parth means Arjun means someone who never fails in achieving his aim.

He is just 4 and can fool you in a blink of eye. He is in Kindergarten-II with Atharva and calls him ‘Motu’ means fatty. He is a lone warrior and does most of the things alone, BUT changes parties like a politician. He is cute and dangerous.

I wish I had that kind of energy and instinct. You will go a long way Parth. Love you!


2 thoughts on “Parth

  1. He is pretty as a girl ! what a genius he is ! He could be a special person in the future . cause very very much of special person in the world were lone warriors !

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