She is the most pampered of them all. Rene, Avdhesh Bhaiya and Sonia Bhabhi’s only child was the youngest in our family till Kartik came along.

What makes me feel special about Rene is her name. Rene means re-incarnation. She was born in very complicated situations and was in ICU for more then first 15 days of her life.

Rene is the only child in my family whose name is given by me. YES! It was my idea to call her Rene and everyone just loved it!

On my visit to Barwani, she never came near me for the first 3 days and on the last day, when I was supposed to leave the town, she just came to me calling Kaka, with open arms suggesting to lift her in my arms.

Rene, I love you dear!


2 thoughts on “Rene

  1. Hehehe so adorable and pretty ! I got why you gave her that sweet neame ,and why you all so treasured her so much !Oh She never came near you for the first 3 days ? hehehe I know why *_~
    as you are evil Dushyant ! why said I was tagged ? lol just kidding . I know Rene loves you so much too ! ^V^

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