Being the eldest in a generation of the family definitely adds something up to the respect and duty. It also has its pros and cons…

For this you must have the control in your hands. You must make sure that the youngsters are in your awe. You should never let your dignity as a master and expert of everything go down.

Samarth, as the name suggests, means Able. Being able to do all and everything. He has a reputation to maintain. He is the icon for all the kids and is spoilt, possessive and stubborn.

But only with the elders. Samarth loves his juniors and treats them equal. He has his own style of chilling out. Most of the times he hurts himself by doing something really nasty. He fell off the roof twice last year and thank god he never got any thing serious.

In the pic you can see the mark on his face. Actually this is not his fault. One of his lieutenants, Atharva was trying to throw a brick at his Aunt and missed the target.

Now you know what I mean by the leader.

He is lovely and very shy. He is innocent if you know him. It is the fate or just bad luck which traps him under the situations. Funny guy is in 4th standard.

Sanjay Bhaiya and Anita bhabhi are planning for a sibling for him.

PS: This is my 200th Blog entry!


3 thoughts on “Samarth

  1. Another pretty cute kid in your family ! he sounds different from other kids . he has more duty than other kids have . like a little adult now . hehe
    is he the last one kid in your family you bloged here ? Dushyant how lucky these kids are ! They have a really happy caring loving interesting childhood ,and grandparents parents aunt uncle sisters brothers love them !

  2. I read about each child and your father’s special birthday. 5 generations of recorded family history…WOW! That is a serious commitment to your proud heritage to keep accurate information for each family member. It must be a good way to bribe the little ones into behaving…telling them that everything for each individual life’s story in the family is written down, so they better be good or one day their own children will read about the bad things they did. *grin

    The Kanungo family is very rich in love and support for one another. Be content with your life – you belong to a rare greatness…very few people can keep up with their own life – today everyone is in a rush to seek self glory with making fast money instead of building strong family ties.

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