6 weird things/habits about me!

Okay! I agree that I was not tagged but got my self into it after reading this on Zoe’s blog.

So, all set to know 6 weird things/habits about me?

Hmmm… where shall start?

1. If someone asks something while I am singing, I only give answer after finishing the song.

2. I love to sleep and because of this I always miss to enjoy the sunrise. I count the hours after wakeing up to make sure I slept for a satisfactory duration i.e. atlease 8 hours.

3. I hate to wash cloths and going to barber shop.

4. If I am hungry I can eat anything eatable but ladyfinger. I hate that sticky vegetable.

5. I just cannot stand any unread email in my inbox.

6. Sometimes I converse in Movie lingo and as if the characters in the movies really do exist.

Now! If any of you think this was a nice TAG then you are at it!

Tell us “6 weird things/habits about you”!


3 thoughts on “6 weird things/habits about me!

  1. Oh my god . cant believe you made 3 blogs again in one day ! Im really a slow slow snail !!lol
    nothing weird . I love sleeping too . when im singing ,its not easy to answer with words . but maky will stop during songs . I hate washiing cloths but I dont hatewashing dishes .
    why dont you like ladyfinge ?is it terrible ?:P

  2. The last two made me laugh!! Ladyfinger is a vegetable where you are at?? Love to see a picture of it…it is a cookie/cake here.

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