Finally, Justice for Jessica!

Yesterday was a historical day for Indians. The first news came in the form of a long awaited decesion of the high profile murder case of Jessica Lal.

It was not just a victory of Jessica or her family but of the nation where fighting against a blind law and trapping high profile criminals is never easy. Jessica’s killer, Manu Sharma, who shot her dead on April 29, 1999 in front of more then a dozen people, who all got hostile after their first testimonials, was finally convicted yesterday late afternoon.

This was clearly a win of people across the world who supported Bina Ramani, the only witness who remained firm on her testimonial all these years.

Bravo Bina Ramani and Jessica. We are with you, no matter what!

To get more info about this case please Click Here.

And for the Wikipedia Click Here.


3 thoughts on “Finally, Justice for Jessica!

  1. She was so beautiful to have her life taken away. Death to anyone by anything other than dying from old age, brings such sadness.

  2. I went to the site to read the article about her ,still didnt get too well .Did Manu Sharma kill Jessica? but he is free now ? its so very sad , such a beautiful lady who was killed in this way . sigh .it took 7 years . what a law !

  3. I never heard about this case..but find it so sad…may her family and friend heart rest now that some justic has been done!!

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