A coconut!

First of all thank you all for all the sweet comments on my blog. To tell you an amazing thing, my parents are looking for the wedding ASAP so you are going to get something more very soon!

Now on the questions asked by Zoe:

When we refer to coconut it means the dry brown coconut. It is referred as the most pure fruit and is used in all the auspicious functions and rituals in India. It is important because of its unique properties, hard on the out side but soft and sweet inside. It is a remembrance of our forefathers. A coconut is an important thing.

As the silver coin goes, In India all the newly wed girls are considered as the goddess ‘Laxmi’, the goddess of Money, hence the welcome with the silver coin!


2 thoughts on “A coconut!

  1. There are so much really wonderful loving sweet refined mystic tradition and custom in India ! The really amazing is you keep the tradition and custom always .
    I should say congratulates to you dear Dushyant!Its the most impoartant and beautiful thing in one’s life right ? Im really so happy for you !!
    Are you some nervous ?hehehe

  2. I really like the custom and the meaning of the coconut and the thought that all newly wed girls as the goddess of ‘Laxmi’….thank you for letting me know!!

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