Ask Me for One Truth “?”


One Question……….

1 question……………………..?

1 chance………………………..?

1 answer………………………..?

That’s all you get. You get to ask me 1 question.

Any one question, no matter how crazy it is.

ANY 1 question!!

Conditions: I promise to answer it right here on the blog comments.

The catch is, you have to repost this and see what people ask you.

I asked Jackie a question on her blog so now I am posting here.

So go for it…………… One Question!!


3 thoughts on “Ask Me for One Truth “?”

  1. Lol Im lazy Yanyan ,I should call you magic Dushyant ! you always make several entries out in a flash , :P:P
    Oh this is an interesting entry ,but also terrible in some ways . hehe
    humm , I want to know will you wear the wedding dresses as the traditional India wedding dresses I saw in movies on your wedding ? And will you sing and dance through the entire wedding ?ok thats two questions .I couldnt help asking one more . lol
    anyway Im going to make that tag soon . so cant get rid of the lazy name . lol
    here we have been had very sunny beautiful weather , the last time I saw snow when I was child .:P I hope you have a beautiful sunny Thursday ! ^d^

  2. Hi Yanyan, thanks for being the first one to ask the question… This is a really good question!

    YES! I am going to wear the Traditional Indian Wedding dresses shown in the movies i.e. Sherwani or Jodhpuri and at one occasion Wedding suit.

    As the singing and dancing goes… 1. ‘Sangeet’ (Music)function will be there where all the ladies will sing traditional songs while putting turmeric and flavored paste on me before the official wedding bath.

    2. A ‘Dhol’ (big drum) will be called in the evening before marriage. the drummer will play till late night and everyone will dance like never before.

    3. When I’ll ride the horse, wearing the traditional wedding dress, the procession will move towards the house of Priyanka. Everyone will dance on the tunes and the beats from the band and the 10 min.(or whatever) distance will be traveled in at least 2 hrs.!

    So dance and music!

    I do not know if I’ll get the chance to dance in my own wedding but I’ll definitely try to shake the leg with all my friends and family!

    The question was so sweet…! Thanks Yanyan!

  3. Thank you so much for answering them dear Dushyant ! I think its almost the same as the Traditional Indian Wedding that I have seen from movies ! really really interesting and special ! I wish I Could see your wedding in real ! lol
    you must look very cool in the Traditional Indian Wedding dresses .I saw they were white mostly .
    Stil have horses riding now ? SOooo cool !
    Everyone there must be very goodat singing and dancing ! NowI can imagine already how happy amaing the wedding will be !:)

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