Marry Christmas Everyone!

First of all I’d like to tell you that my 360 stats has gone mad. It shows me 400 page views in just one day! If it is not then I am a popular guy online! My counter has crossed the 10,000 benchmark and it is growing as I am making this blog entry!

I am in trouble again!

Aarti and Priyanka want me to be at Indore at my birthday i.e. 24th of December. Aarti will meet Priyanka for the first time on that day and Priyanka’s parents and my parents will discuss upon the dates of our wedding.

They may arrange for a same function for me as was arranged for Priyanka while she visited Sanawad. Loads of people will come to see me.

I don’t know what is going to happen (again!).

NOW the trouble is, as the plans goes I have to leave for Indore tonight so that I’ll reach one day well in advance and make myself comfortable and relaxed before my b’day.

No tickets! All the buses are packed and Indore is 650 KM from Pune and I am having no options but to travel with Tony, who is going till Ujjain for his wedding on 27th on a waiting list train ticket and a RAC ticket of Vincent.

Aarti’s college principal has refused to grant her leaves from her hostel as the freshmen year girls have to perform in a function on 28th. She is fighting hard to get a couple of days on Christmas. Hard luck for her, otherwise someone from my family will go and request to the authorities of her institute.

People, I’ll return to my work on Tuesday with loads of stories and gossip. So here I want to wish all my friends a Very Happy Festive Season and Marry Christmas.

Bye! Have a fun time!


One thought on “Marry Christmas Everyone!

  1. lol Angel got such thing too , her page just jump crazily .only two days it has 13000 . hehehe
    my yahoo has wrong too , the page views stopped moving . dont worry , its not big problem ! just enjoying your holidays !

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