Santa Came to Town!

I am back folks! Here I’d like to announce that NO one – I repeat – NO one from my 360 family has wished me on my birthday, which was on 24th.

I am not so happy about it!

(Jackie, Zoe and you Yanyan and everyone out there.)

(Oops! I am complaining!)

Not to worry folks as I really enjoyed the whole weekend, my b’day and Christmas with my whole family, friends and fiancé in Indore and finally I am back to Pune.

In this trip of mine to my home city, I just enjoyed the food that I was missing since long. People who live in the city of Indore are famous for their eating habits. They love to eat good food and that also all day long. Here in Pune I can’t see the passion about traditional eateries or foodie people (they love burgers and Pizzas but they just arrived in India!)

Santa gave me some very beautiful, lovely and memorable gifts this Christmas and on my b’day in forms of love, life and Harry Potter!

YES! ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow’ is the tile of the book 7 of Harry Potter series. Plus! the trailer of ‘Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix’ is out there on the web. The movie ‘HP and OoP’ will release on 13th of July 2007. Isn’t this is a great news? Though ‘Goblet of Fire’ actually broke my heart several times as I was expecting some very different emotions among the trio, I am looking forward to the next outing of Warner Bros.

I hope the purity of book 5 will be maintained in the Order of Phoenix.

Now the questions are building up again on what is ‘Deathly Hallows’?

Have a great day ahead!


One thought on “Santa Came to Town!

  1. Oh my god !!how silly I was !just remembered to send youa beautiful christmas card all the time , but forgot your birthday . ,,you cab punish me lol
    So happy that you back !Im really happy to hear that you had a great holiday and birthday with yourfamily friends ! i hope everyone is doing great there !^^
    I hope you enjoy the book 7 of Harry Potter series !! lol

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