I am a busy bee!

Today my office HR people got a cake to celebrate my belated birthday. We had a good 15 minute break to enjoy during tea time. I am feeling happy these days and it shows everywhere! I am going to watch a movie tonight (probably ‘Bhagam bhag’) just to pass the time and for the sake of not missing any hyped film.

Gaurav, one of my roommates, is quite busy these days so he returns late from office. Till he comes I have no option but to wait for him to plan for the evening as Vicky bhai, Manoj bhai and Bharmu are quite busy with their shift job timings.

I have to do a lot of things before February and the list is indeed very long. It consists of finding an apartment on rent to live after marriage, applying for cooking gas connection, purchasing a washing machine, loose around 6 K.G. of body fat, shoot for the ICE short film festival (independent or/and with 24×7 stuff i.e. Before the Storm) and not just this. I also have to do some big shopping like shoes and cloths.

I am also starting to invest in stocks from next year.

This reminds me of the ‘TO DO’ list for the New Year that I have to prepare in a couple of days but alas, I have so many things to do in office.

Busy guy!

Well people! Just have fun and enjoy life!


4 thoughts on “I am a busy bee!

  1. I have a good excuse for missing your birthday – my pc connections are blinking in and out (for weeks now)…you can forget my birthday if it makes you laugh!

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday and Christmas holiday with your family and friends.

    BIG HUGS from Texas!

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