Guess Who?

I returned to Pune this Sunday morning and joined office today. My trip was good and everything is in place. I want to shout at two people. The first guy is Ashwin ‘Taklu’ Sharma for being a chicken and running away from the responsibilities for a carrier option. He just left Pune for nothing. Let him ask me for another chance and he will be fired. The other guy is Nikhil ‘Salaam-e-Ishq’ Advani, for making a 3 hours 35 min long film which would have done better with 3 stories then 6 at one go. The end result is a big bore.

And this is not it. Salaam-e-Ishq us just not bore but has now embedded itself with my whole life as the first film I watched with Priyanka in a movie theater.

Dad is busy with some reconstruction – modification of our family house in Sanawad.

I apologies you all people as I forgot to take my Digital Camera along with me on this trip and not getting any photograph from any of the 12 weddings that I have attended in over the span of 9 days. The functions were good and never got to hear any complaints of mismanagement or arguments. So a fun wedding season has started in India with January. It will last till mid of July and will start again in late November.

The climate is showing all the signs of Spring and I am loving it.

Hope all of you are safe and fine and having a fun time with your loved ones.

Keep charming!


The Dates and the Traditional Day!

I think I have adopted the habit of making excuses for not being able to blog here more frequently. It is true that I am a bit busy but least can make a four line blog to say hi to everyone out there.

Hi People!

Come 26th of April 2007.and my life will never be the same again. That’s the date which is decided by the seniors of my family for the wedding of Priyanka and mine, after consulting with some astrologer or seer or something.

I am going to Sanawad once again today to attend Sapana’s wedding and finalize the plans for my wedding function.

Sapna is one of my early childhood friends. She is Vicky bhai’s younger sister and we used to roam around the town when we were around 9-10 year old. It seems a long time but the truth is I really remember those good old days when I was just started to discover so many beautiful things about life. The fields were greener and rains were so pure. Long hot summer afternoons were passed by playing cards or reading ‘Champak’.

Sapna taught me so many things as she was smarter then me! I admit it here without shame though she is one year younger than me. On this very occasion when she is about to be leaving all her childhood and family for the one she is made for, I bid adieu to a dear friend and wish her a very happy and cheerful life ahead and hoping to see her in April with her hubby in the function of my marriage.

Vicky bhai is going to be super busy in 3 days time and I have to be there with him just in case if something needs to be done immediately or if he needs support.

Taklu (Ashwin Sharma is the full name), brother of Priyank ,another of my childhood friends, is coming to Pune for some computer thing tomorrow. Gaurav is going to receive him and he’ll be here for next 2 months before returning for the 3 months to finish his graduation as Engineer.

I am coming in after a lunch with the MD of my company, Sacha, and am going to miss the one day trip of the whole office tomorrow as Sacha is taking everyone out for a day long picnic.

Here in office we had a Traditional Day yesterday and the photo posted here is of the same occasion. I think I am looking cool Indian prince in this photo. If only be added a garland of pearls in this photo, I’ll look like a bridegroom for sure and that too months before the actual date.

This is funny isn’t it?

I am going to attend one more wedding during this trip of mine and that is of Priyanka’s maternal uncle. Everyone will be covering me once again. I am a bit of panic about all this. It is like I need to behave in a certain too mature way and it has no fun. How it would be like to be in an Indian wedding and behaving like a soft spoken British?

Anyways, people from the blog world, I bid you a good bye for the next few days as I am going to return Pune on 28th and will come to office on 29th!

Wishing you all A Very Happy Republic Day of India on 26th of January!

Have a nice time!


Who reflects the real India – Gurubhai or Munnabhai?

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For every ‘Ramayana‘, there is a ‘Mahabharata‘. For every Ram, there is Krishna. And now for every Munnabhai, there is a Gurubhai!

One may ask, what’s the reference here? Well, it is as simple as this – while the character of Munnabhai is ready to bring his other cheek forward in an event of a person slapping hard, Gurukant Desai believes in not even letting the other person come closer, let alone throwing a slap!

The logic is straightforward – it’s the survival of the strongest. And it can be achieved by both means.

While Munnabhai (played to perfection by Sanjay Dutt) was a reflection of a generation that wants to take a peaceful route in order to make the world a happy place to live in, Abhishek Bachchan in ‘Guru’ has his own small world to worry about.

A world that comprises of him, his family, his near and dear ones and his shareholders (which he considers as his own ‘parivaar’ – a family), not necessarily in the same order.

The emotions are all the same. It’s just the way they are reflected on a character’s persona. So while Munnabhai can cry over a round of drinks if his father [Sunil Dutt] has met with an insult [in the hands of Boman Irani], Guru doesn’t think twice before opting for a career abroad after he has let down his teacher father by failing in exams. One needs an emotional support [Circuit a.k.a. Arshad Warsi] to get into the act, the other builds his own self as a support!

This doesn’t take away from the fact that both the characters are soon en route to be termed as cult by all means. They may have different principles, philosophies and way of functioning but the common factor is that both speak the language which is understood by ‘aam junta’. Munnabhai may chose ‘Gandhigiri’ over ‘dadagiri’. On the other hand, ‘Guru’ too doesn’t complain much if he has to choose between using force or saying ‘salaam’.

Kya karen, he says, you are damned either ways!

This is what brings us to a pertinent question about who reflects the real India….the real WE? Is it Munna that every one desires to become or is it ‘Guru’ that one secretly admires?

Is this a debatable topic? Certainly yes! But then isn’t world anyways made of complex situations, complex people but certain simple solutions!

In his younger days when ‘Guru’ goes about using media for his battle against the cloth contractor’s colonial ways, we sympathize with him, we clap along and we even cheer him when he announces that his name ‘is’ and not ‘was’ Gurukant Desai. Why? Because a win for an underdog always gains brownie points!

But then why do we feel elated when he uses (the keyword is ‘uses’ here!) the same media in later years to spread negative stories about rivals? Just because he wanted to settle personal scores? Or was it because in him, we actually saw a messiah who knew how to take care of his ‘parivaar’ made of few thousand people?

So what if it was unethical or sheer illegal – probably it was just a father figure that we saw in him that made us feel protected! What would Munnabhai have done in such a scenario? Well, we can always have a debate!

Coming back to what makes Guru a man that walks away with all the accolades even after it is crystal clear that he has been guilty of corruption and illegal ways of running business. Well, the reason comes out quite prominently in a single line comment that the Enquiry Commission Head [Roshan Seth, delightful as always] makes – “After all, we can’t hang him!”. This clearly states that Guru has after all not committed a murder and if one looks carefully, it was all done for his ‘parivaar’.

A ‘parivaar’ that made him happy and made him sad. A ‘parivaar’ that could make him smile along when they cheered with the company’s growth and a ‘parivaar’ that could make him go down in a paralysis attack when they booed him for all the corruption charges he faced! And to think of it, probably this was the moment when he required all their support! Never to let down his ‘parivaar’ and actually also using them for his own survival, Guru executes a master stroke in the end while facing the Enquiry Commission.

So what does he do? Well, he simply walks out of the enquiry session with a ‘namaste’ and readies himself for a kill when his supporters (public and media alike) are there in full force during the final hearing. He knows his strength, sheer leadership, and he knows how to take people along when it comes to getting things done his way! In this sense, while Munna may have tried to use Gandhian approach of ‘satyagraha’ to drive home a point, Guru instead believes in taking things on a fast track while challenging the basic establishment.

In the end, the question popped up by both is simple – Why to continue believing in a law just because it is existing for long? Because if it has been made, it can also be changed. The difference? Munna may wait patiently for it to change as per the natural course of action, Guru being a ‘bania’ [as he proudly calls himself in the film] realizes the value of time and pushes things to pave the way. Now that could be through a push or a ‘salaam’, as is his belief!

What is most remarkable about Guru coming across as a man who truly reflects the kind of person we actually see as a leader is the fact that his wife [Aishwarya Rai] is always with him. She is an equal partner in all his acts. So whether it is letting go of her very own brother [Arya Babbar] or accompanying Guru to his cashier’s [Darshan Zariwala] house in the dead of the night to spread negative information in media or requesting Guru’s mentor Nanaji [Mithun Chakraborty – brilliant after a long time]) to avoid any further confrontation or last but not the least, facing the Enquiry commission as a co-accused.

She may agree that her ‘angrezi is kamzor’ but she is not one dumb village belle or a pseudo-urban woman who fakes detesting her husband’s way of doing business! Instead she supports him throughout and works along with him for the growth of her ‘parivaar’.

Talking about Munnabhai and Gurubhai and the ones close to them! If one looks carefully, they both have trusted allies. If Munna has a Circuit, Guru has a Motabhai (played to perfection by Manoj Joshi). They care for them, even reprimand them, but never ever leave them. So if Munna can feel sentimental about Circuit’s nice little gestures of bringing ‘Hakka noodles’ at the dead of the night for him, in the heart of his hearts, in a lighter vein Guru knows that Motabhai was the one who introduced him to belly dancers [Mallika Sherawat]!

Still, Munna and Guru reserve the right to slap and push Circuit and Motabhai respectively when they make a mistake (Circuit accidentally uses force in Munnai’s sweetheart old age home while Motabhai hires goons to threaten Nanaji). And they don’t shy in shedding a tear or two later…..because they love and care!

So what does one aspire to become? Is it Munnabhai or Gurubhai? A difficult choice! Because though on the surface, they come across as two distinct personalities with different ways of working, from inside they have a common agenda – happiness, self respect and an identity for one and all!

Hence while 2006 had cheers of ‘Lage Raho Munnabhai’ all over, 2007 is certainly going to echo with ‘Gurubhai Gurubhai Aaye Chhey’!

Yes, they both are here…and they are within us. Though in different form, shape and proportion!

Friends and Parties!

Voila! For the first time in almost one year I am overworked for more than a week. In fact it is the fourth week in succession that I am under the pressure. I am not complaining people! I am really enjoying the pressure and feeling the duty.

Day before yesterday at night when I reached home, my roommates had a plan for partying all night. It was a weekday but we went ahead with it. We boozed in competition and I was among the last two men standing.

Switch off.

Next morning I had to ask about how I was on my bed!

It was not bad. We all had fun and more importantly, no one got sick of all night party. It was funny isn’t it. We all laughed, cried and fought with each other and finally one by one passed out.

It will all remain in the memories.

For the rest of the things, I need to get some time to sort out matters before it gets too late. The problems are too many i.e. Airtel has removed outgoing and incoming call privileges from my mobile phone after I have submitted all the documents, I have to apply for leave from the office while in the midst of all the chaos and workload and so many things.

Well Pune’s climate is fabulous these days and it surely doing a favor for us all.

Keep charming and have a nice weekend!

Welcome 2007!

It’s the 5th day of the New Year and I haven’t even made a blog entry yet! First of all best wishes for the New Year to you all in the New Year.

Now just to explain the delay, I started 2007 on a fierce note as the work in the office seems growing by the hour and is stuck with me even when I go home.

On 31st December, I and all the roommates went to this party which was some 25 KM away from the city. It had nice sound system (you have to scream in the ear of your friend to let him feel your presence), a fashion show (just a few hunks and babes walking on a ramp, without even knowing the designer of the dress, no one was interested in knowing what was in and what was not), a dance group (bored to tears in bulk), dinner (which was a buffet and was almost finished and I never got enough), Drinks were paid (and too expensive a 200 ml coke was for Rs.30).

It was a disaster party for bachelors. It was not a good idea at all watching all the guys with their girls from a distance sitting in a group of losers who literally do not want to commit (and don’t have guts to approach a girl).

Sacha, the MD of my company is visiting us next week. It means a lot of happenings and busy schedule ahead. Today I am expecting the same workload again after my boss reaches office.

Guys, here I want to place some more things as resolutions for the New Year and the map for the road ahead. I am not a typical idiot who believes completely in horoscopes and astrology but to some extent I do look into things to know what is predicted by ‘seers’ of this online world. Have you seen Yahoo! Astrology’s 2007 forecast for your sun sign? This year the format of the forecast has been changed and it is very confusing yet funny.

They said 2006 was my year to shine. It sounds true now and how! Last year proved itself as the luckiest year of my life. Though I was bedridden for the first two months of it due to the car accident happened on my last birthday, I achieved almost everything I was looking for. (Please note the word ‘almost’!)

Firstly, it was the change of perspective about life that I got after having 5 fractures and an idle life of more than 50 days. It made me rethink about the value of life, friends, family and fun. Now I can stand by a friend with all my might and faith knowing the importance of small actions which makes you feel warm in the heart.

When I returned in mid February I realized that the things are much beautiful lively then we generally miss in the rush of life. March to May I cocooned myself in friends before accepting the assignment with Datamatics and moving to Mumbai then Stockholm. World is a beautiful place, its just people who can make the difference.

In July when I saw the Mona Lisa and Eiffel Tower in Paris, It was a dream come true. Those were the most breathtaking moments of my life. Wish I go back to the most romantic city in the world with my soon-to-be wife.

In September when I was shot to fame with the short film for 24×7 Making movies and the news paper interview, it was fun and frolic all over. Though I lost in the grand finale but surely gave me some thrilling memories.

November got the most important decisions of my life. I was (re)introduced to Priyanka and we decided to hold hands on the journey of life.

December was cool as usual and the year ended on a winning note.

Now as January of 2007 begins, I am looking for another hint from the horoscope of Yahoo to feel good and look forward to it and it says it will be a better year then 2006 (Touchwood!).

SO! Should I plan or wait and let my self flow with the waters of time?