Welcome 2007!

It’s the 5th day of the New Year and I haven’t even made a blog entry yet! First of all best wishes for the New Year to you all in the New Year.

Now just to explain the delay, I started 2007 on a fierce note as the work in the office seems growing by the hour and is stuck with me even when I go home.

On 31st December, I and all the roommates went to this party which was some 25 KM away from the city. It had nice sound system (you have to scream in the ear of your friend to let him feel your presence), a fashion show (just a few hunks and babes walking on a ramp, without even knowing the designer of the dress, no one was interested in knowing what was in and what was not), a dance group (bored to tears in bulk), dinner (which was a buffet and was almost finished and I never got enough), Drinks were paid (and too expensive a 200 ml coke was for Rs.30).

It was a disaster party for bachelors. It was not a good idea at all watching all the guys with their girls from a distance sitting in a group of losers who literally do not want to commit (and don’t have guts to approach a girl).

Sacha, the MD of my company is visiting us next week. It means a lot of happenings and busy schedule ahead. Today I am expecting the same workload again after my boss reaches office.

Guys, here I want to place some more things as resolutions for the New Year and the map for the road ahead. I am not a typical idiot who believes completely in horoscopes and astrology but to some extent I do look into things to know what is predicted by ‘seers’ of this online world. Have you seen Yahoo! Astrology’s 2007 forecast for your sun sign? This year the format of the forecast has been changed and it is very confusing yet funny.

They said 2006 was my year to shine. It sounds true now and how! Last year proved itself as the luckiest year of my life. Though I was bedridden for the first two months of it due to the car accident happened on my last birthday, I achieved almost everything I was looking for. (Please note the word ‘almost’!)

Firstly, it was the change of perspective about life that I got after having 5 fractures and an idle life of more than 50 days. It made me rethink about the value of life, friends, family and fun. Now I can stand by a friend with all my might and faith knowing the importance of small actions which makes you feel warm in the heart.

When I returned in mid February I realized that the things are much beautiful lively then we generally miss in the rush of life. March to May I cocooned myself in friends before accepting the assignment with Datamatics and moving to Mumbai then Stockholm. World is a beautiful place, its just people who can make the difference.

In July when I saw the Mona Lisa and Eiffel Tower in Paris, It was a dream come true. Those were the most breathtaking moments of my life. Wish I go back to the most romantic city in the world with my soon-to-be wife.

In September when I was shot to fame with the short film for 24×7 Making movies and the news paper interview, it was fun and frolic all over. Though I lost in the grand finale but surely gave me some thrilling memories.

November got the most important decisions of my life. I was (re)introduced to Priyanka and we decided to hold hands on the journey of life.

December was cool as usual and the year ended on a winning note.

Now as January of 2007 begins, I am looking for another hint from the horoscope of Yahoo to feel good and look forward to it and it says it will be a better year then 2006 (Touchwood!).

SO! Should I plan or wait and let my self flow with the waters of time?


3 thoughts on “Welcome 2007!

  1. Hey Dushyant ! I guess I met you on yahoo 360 in July-August , Have seen something happened in your life . and it has been just like a very beautiful lovely story to me . a happy faity tale , but really happened to you ! lol
    Im really happy for you . I know well that the life has been treating you so well , and your dreams vcame true , as you paid so much efforts and been working for it .
    I wish you a much more amazing 2007 ! take good care always !

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