Friends and Parties!

Voila! For the first time in almost one year I am overworked for more than a week. In fact it is the fourth week in succession that I am under the pressure. I am not complaining people! I am really enjoying the pressure and feeling the duty.

Day before yesterday at night when I reached home, my roommates had a plan for partying all night. It was a weekday but we went ahead with it. We boozed in competition and I was among the last two men standing.

Switch off.

Next morning I had to ask about how I was on my bed!

It was not bad. We all had fun and more importantly, no one got sick of all night party. It was funny isn’t it. We all laughed, cried and fought with each other and finally one by one passed out.

It will all remain in the memories.

For the rest of the things, I need to get some time to sort out matters before it gets too late. The problems are too many i.e. Airtel has removed outgoing and incoming call privileges from my mobile phone after I have submitted all the documents, I have to apply for leave from the office while in the midst of all the chaos and workload and so many things.

Well Pune’s climate is fabulous these days and it surely doing a favor for us all.

Keep charming and have a nice weekend!


2 thoughts on “Friends and Parties!

  1. Awesome building Dushyant ! I like the pic and such style buildings !
    Sounds you had a so fun party with your friends ! so you all passed out that night ?lol so funny . I hope you have a lot of fun with your friends this weekend too and have nice rest ! ^^!
    also hope you can work many things out soon !

  2. Very pretty place in the picture…
    Happy to hear you had a good time at the party and I hope you do get all your problems fix..but I think week always will have some kind of problems off and on in our life.

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