The Dates and the Traditional Day!

I think I have adopted the habit of making excuses for not being able to blog here more frequently. It is true that I am a bit busy but least can make a four line blog to say hi to everyone out there.

Hi People!

Come 26th of April 2007.and my life will never be the same again. That’s the date which is decided by the seniors of my family for the wedding of Priyanka and mine, after consulting with some astrologer or seer or something.

I am going to Sanawad once again today to attend Sapana’s wedding and finalize the plans for my wedding function.

Sapna is one of my early childhood friends. She is Vicky bhai’s younger sister and we used to roam around the town when we were around 9-10 year old. It seems a long time but the truth is I really remember those good old days when I was just started to discover so many beautiful things about life. The fields were greener and rains were so pure. Long hot summer afternoons were passed by playing cards or reading ‘Champak’.

Sapna taught me so many things as she was smarter then me! I admit it here without shame though she is one year younger than me. On this very occasion when she is about to be leaving all her childhood and family for the one she is made for, I bid adieu to a dear friend and wish her a very happy and cheerful life ahead and hoping to see her in April with her hubby in the function of my marriage.

Vicky bhai is going to be super busy in 3 days time and I have to be there with him just in case if something needs to be done immediately or if he needs support.

Taklu (Ashwin Sharma is the full name), brother of Priyank ,another of my childhood friends, is coming to Pune for some computer thing tomorrow. Gaurav is going to receive him and he’ll be here for next 2 months before returning for the 3 months to finish his graduation as Engineer.

I am coming in after a lunch with the MD of my company, Sacha, and am going to miss the one day trip of the whole office tomorrow as Sacha is taking everyone out for a day long picnic.

Here in office we had a Traditional Day yesterday and the photo posted here is of the same occasion. I think I am looking cool Indian prince in this photo. If only be added a garland of pearls in this photo, I’ll look like a bridegroom for sure and that too months before the actual date.

This is funny isn’t it?

I am going to attend one more wedding during this trip of mine and that is of Priyanka’s maternal uncle. Everyone will be covering me once again. I am a bit of panic about all this. It is like I need to behave in a certain too mature way and it has no fun. How it would be like to be in an Indian wedding and behaving like a soft spoken British?

Anyways, people from the blog world, I bid you a good bye for the next few days as I am going to return Pune on 28th and will come to office on 29th!

Wishing you all A Very Happy Republic Day of India on 26th of January!

Have a nice time!



3 thoughts on “The Dates and the Traditional Day!

  1. Thats an amzing dress ! you look great in it Dushyant !I did have such feeling that you looked like cool Indian prince ! hehehe
    Know you have so much things that make your busy !
    but Im very glad for you ! As they are all happy great things for you !
    26th of April would be really greatest ! Its such a beautiful warm lovely month !
    I hope everything will go great ! and wishing you and your family all the best ! :)Have a fantastic holiday !

  2. I read down you page to catch up…I missed a few…LOL

    It’s nice that your family has finally set a wedding date and I’m happy to see it’s not but two months away. That was funny how you have to behave so “British” and proper now.

    So I read your job has been stressful and busy? Welcome to the grind of earning a paycheck *grin* mine has been hectic lately, too!

    Your outfit does looks very nice Dushyant – and I hope you enjoy attending your uncle and childhood friend’s weddings.

    Warm Hugs,

  3. I can’t wait till April 26 to come!! That seem such a nice time of the year…it is spring time then and all kinds of new life from flowers to birds are starting…it is such a nice time to start a new life!!

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