Guess Who?

I returned to Pune this Sunday morning and joined office today. My trip was good and everything is in place. I want to shout at two people. The first guy is Ashwin ‘Taklu’ Sharma for being a chicken and running away from the responsibilities for a carrier option. He just left Pune for nothing. Let him ask me for another chance and he will be fired. The other guy is Nikhil ‘Salaam-e-Ishq’ Advani, for making a 3 hours 35 min long film which would have done better with 3 stories then 6 at one go. The end result is a big bore.

And this is not it. Salaam-e-Ishq us just not bore but has now embedded itself with my whole life as the first film I watched with Priyanka in a movie theater.

Dad is busy with some reconstruction – modification of our family house in Sanawad.

I apologies you all people as I forgot to take my Digital Camera along with me on this trip and not getting any photograph from any of the 12 weddings that I have attended in over the span of 9 days. The functions were good and never got to hear any complaints of mismanagement or arguments. So a fun wedding season has started in India with January. It will last till mid of July and will start again in late November.

The climate is showing all the signs of Spring and I am loving it.

Hope all of you are safe and fine and having a fun time with your loved ones.

Keep charming!


4 thoughts on “Guess Who?

  1. ooooooooooooh so sweet, and what a charming bride to be Priyanka is!

    Have a good week, smile for your blessings are worth shouting for…not waste shouting your temper over differences. Didn’t you just recently quit a job because you were unhappy too? LOL ~ behave!

  2. She is so very pretty!!! She will look good at your side!! So weddings don’t happen from mid July to the end of November??

  3. Hey Dushyant ! So glad to see one pic of Priyanka ! she is really so beautiful and sweet ! You are very very lucky ! hehehe
    THank you for posting it for us .Its amazing !say hi to Priyanka for me please !
    I hope everyone of your family will have a great weekend ! sneding my best wishes to you all !

  4. Its so nice of you to post a pic of her so that we can see our Dushyant Bhai’s bride !!
    Regards to her, and all the best.


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