Dates again!

The year which is 2007 has debuted with several important dates. It is also giving impression of being the best of all which has been passed.

The numbers are very important as we enter this New Year a little more. A whole month has passed and the ‘Date’ system is surely coming from the behind and warning us to not to forget the tight schedule ahead.

The most important dates of 2007 as I can figure out now are:

26/04/2007 is my wedding date.

25/07/2007 is Priyanka’s B’day.

13/07/07 is the release date of Harry Potter and the Order of Phonies.

21/07/07 is going to be very special as the last book of the Harry Potter series ‘The Deathly Hallows’ is coming out.

Question: Do you think I am a complete nut?

Please post your answer in the comment section!

Harry Potter series is coming to an end. I do agree that the release date of the last book is just a week after the release of the fifth film of the enterprise. I do not agree with the arrangements. Though I really want to read that book so madly but I was not expecting that to come out this early!

I mean what will happen when I read the last page of the last chapter of the last book?

It all will be over.

No more Harry Potter will be around. Just Memories. All the craze and fun and madness and fan fictions will end. I’ll miss Ron and Hermione as much as I’ll miss Harry. We all miss Dumbledore and we don’t have any doubts about that but Harry has to follow the lead alone.

People who are not in the Potter mania and still alive, are missing something in their lives. Read all the books starting from the series and finish it before July 21st. This saga is going to live with us all for ever. When I grow old, I’ll gift Harry Potter to my grand children, one-by-one on their birthdays, from 11th to 17th.


3 thoughts on “Dates again!

  1. If I tell you that I dint read any of the harry potter books and the only Potter movie I watched is “Prisoner of Askaban”, will you think that I am a complete nut?


  2. Hi there! Saw you on Annas page today. I am also a nut for the Harry Potter books and movies. (And I am 52 years old!!) When I read the first book a long time ago, my neice was doing poorly with her reading skills in school. I introduced her to the first book and after reading it all the way through, she re-read it many times. That poor book looked awful because she carried it everywhere and read it every chance she got. She knew every minor detail and could almost recite it to you line by line. Her reading skills in school improved 100percent. Her teacher was amazed at the turnaround. Although most of the kids and other teachers were against the Harry Potter books (they think it is evil) her teacher even became a fan of the books and allowed them in her classroom to those who wanted to improve their reading skills. Of course, many parents were not happy about that. We live in what is known as the Bible Belt of the south. But still there are just as many Hypocrits here as anywhere else. Clutching that Bible in one hand while secretly doing worse things than reading a book of fantasy is what many of the local hypocrits do here. I love my Bible. I know how to separate fact from fiction. I love the books and I love the movies! I am Harry Potter fan and always will be.

  3. I never read the Harry Potter book but do understand how everyone is crazy about them!!
    You forgot mothers birthday and yours dad!! Mostly mom’s…mothers are very special people!!

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