It is started now!

People now started to act in a strange way and showing signs of preparing for my wedding. Gaurav, one of my roomies sent an email to all the friends stating this:

“The schedule for going indore to attened dushyant marriage finalled. all friends goes from 24 april at 3:30 pm from pune -indore express if u want to reserve ticket plz submit 350 rupees to me before 20 feb 2007.we will reach indore 25 april 2007 at 1:00 pm.”

Terrible English but he is finally unto something very early in the group.

Aarti’s friends at her hostel are also preparing big time to attend the function.

In all this chaos, I missed about the date of the MBA entrance exam which is supposed to be attended by Priyanka. I was thinking about the March dates but that is 18th February. SO! Priyanka is coming to Pune for the first time on Friday, 17th February.

It is all funny and to add more it is really happening! I am having butterflies in the stomach again after a long time. The last time I had butterflies was when I visited to Paris in July!

I need to send a pre invite to my friends in Pune so they can contact Gaurav for reservations and other things.

Seriously, I have never felt this much odd before!

Office is cool! I am playing Badminton on a regular basis now after office hours. Amit Tiwari, a colleague of mine is always gets ready at 6 o’clock and we play till we get exhausted and fell on the ground. It is fun and a good practice to lose some weight before presenting myself for the fittings for the wedding attire. lol!


One thought on “It is started now!

  1. Those butterflies are the same for the groom here when things hit them and they is true ..they are going to become a husband!! Ladies feel the same..when it hits us that we are going to be someone wife!! The butterflies fly a lot more closer to the wedding date!! 🙂

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