On the other side of happiness!

It is not the rosy picture all the time everywhere. I mean these are the times to be a bit lunatic and do the day dreaming but the truth is I really need to take it easy as I just want the people around me to support and not to just brag along. I want peace of mind and expect it to come from friends with whom I am living with and are my family since 3 to 8 years.

There are several issues which need to be addressed as I am not at the place of my wedding and everything needs to be arranged by my father. To organize an Indian wedding is not an easy task and I am so ashamed that I left him to do all the arrangements all by himself and living here in Pune for a job, 650 KM away from him. I need to rent a house and I am trying hard for it. A cooking gas connection is needed immediately and cannot get it without the new rent agreement. Do my friends understand this?

Loose weight, Find house, Get Gas connection, save money for post marriage expenses, Trying to help Dad from a remote distance and wishing him not to take it too heavy on his brain, I am in all this closed world and not ready to take the garbage in form of reluctant comments and idiotic jokes at least till the things get over.

It is not easy for me to just say good bye to the life I lived so far and friends do remind me, at least for thrice a day that I have only a little more than 2 months to go! Don’t they understand the state of mind in which I am presently? I am not blaming anyone; it is just me who is in a mental block. I am not sad or something. I am happy that I am getting married but it is something like a bride feels when she leaves her family and comes with her husband. I really feel sad about leaving my friends but wish they realize that something is going to change and these days will never return.


3 thoughts on “On the other side of happiness!

  1. Hey buddy… First of all do not feel ashamed that you left your father 650 km away to organize everything.. Parents enjoy doing that.. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Just try to be same to you parents after the marriage (in couple of years). And hey, its a next big step in your life.. so you have to prepare for lots of things, make your life(and her life) comfortable.. So take a chill pill yaar….And you are not leaving your friends… Be in regular touch with them. Friends are for ever… Good luck.. and have fun.. enjoy your marriage and life after.

  2. Yes – good luck to you working through the anxiety and future jitters. Your parents are getting older with simplifying their lives to accommodate their ages…not too much happens that is grand these days outside of family gatherings for holidays, births, birthdays and funerals…so your wedding brings fresh air…a good change to normal routine. And it’s a one time thing – enjoy it with heart-felt thanksgiving.

    No need to be sad, Friends are Forever – if chosen to keep in touch.

  3. You friendships with many will change in some way but and they will understand but you have to remember friend will always be your friends..a few things do change but not everything and your true friends will understand!! As for your dad..believe me as a parent…he is more then happy to do these things..life as you know it will end in some ways but you will have now many new an great beginnings!!’

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