Filmfare is not ‘fair’ at all!

Nominations for the 52nd Filmfare awards are out and certainly purchased by big shots of the industry before hand. Filmfare in India is equivalent of Oscars in the US and BAFTA in the UK. I do not agree with the final contenders of the awards, hence, a review.

Best Film nominations:

Dhoom 2
Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna
Lage Raho Munnabhai
Rang De Basanti

Apart from Krrish (Due to the concept and appeal and being the 1st true Superhero of Bollywood), Lage raho Munnabhai (No questions about it!) and Rang De Basanti (The best of the decade), no other movie which is nominated deserves to be in this category.

Answer this: WHY on earth ‘Omkara’ is not on the list? ‘DOR’, ‘Khosla ka Ghosla’, ‘Woh Lamhe’ or ‘Gangster’ seems to be avoided! One of a kind ‘Vivah’ which deserves a nomination is also forgotten completely.

Don is a remake, nothing original and was too long. Dhoom 2 had a wrong message integrated in it and if Yashraj were paying for the nominations, they should have chosen Fanna instead. Kabhi Alvida Na
Kehena (Are you kidding man!) was the most senseless film I have seen in recent times!

Best Director Nominations:

Karan Johar (Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna)
Rakesh Roshan (Krrish)
Rakeysh Mehra (Rang De Basanti)
Rajkumar Hirani (Lage Raho Munnabhai)
Sanjay Gadhvi (Dhoom 2)
Vishal Bhardwaj (Omkara)

Disappointing! When Technology takes over the director’s seat the nominations for humans can be avoided. Dhoom-2 and Krrish for the best direction is a hard candy to swallow! Where as without nomination, Mohit Suri’s best work till date and maturity of handling the sensitive topic in ‘Woh Lamhe’ was the talk of the town and same goes for Anurag ‘Gangster’ Basu is left on the streets to die. Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Corporate’ is another example and one is Dibakar Banerjee’s ‘Khosla ka Ghosla’.

For the first time we saw a new way of storytelling through Shirish Kunder in ‘Jaan-e-mann’, where he missed?

Let us not talk about ‘Dor’, ‘Fanna’, ‘Vivah’, ‘Kabul Express’ and ‘Pyaar ke side effects’.

Karan Johar is okay for the nomination but should not win! The best options are Rakesh Mehera or Vishal Bharadwaj. Though, Rajkumar Hirani is giving them tough competition.

Best Actor in a leading role (Male) nominations:

Aamir Khan (Rang De Basanti)
Hrithik Roshan (Dhoom 2)
Hrithik Roshan (Krrish)
Sanjay Dutt (Lage Raho Munnabhai)
Shahrukh Khan (Don)
Shahrukh Khan (Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna)

Did someone forget that Hritik was the negative lead in Dhoom-2? And SRK’s was also the negative role in ‘Don’? What was unique with SRK in ‘KANK’? Aamir for RDB is a well deserved nomination, so is our Munnabhai as Sunjay Dutt or the other way around!

What about Aamir for ‘Fanna’? Ajay for ‘Omkara’? Salmaan in ‘Jaan-e-Mann’? Shiney Ahuja in ‘Gangster’ and ‘Woh Lamhe’?

Did someone see the movie ‘PKSE’? It was a very good film.

Ajay or Salman are sure going to get the so called ‘critics’ award! Hell!

Best Actor in a leading role (Female) nominations:

Aishwarya Rai (Dhoom 2)
Bipasha Basu (Corporate)
Kajol (Fanaa)
Kareena Kapoor (Omkara)
Rani Mukerji (Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna)

Hold it man! Ash was the vamp in ‘Dhoom 2’. Rani just cried her eyes out in ‘KANK’. Rest nominations are Okay but again tell me where Alice Patten from ‘RDB’, Ayesha Takiya from ‘Dor’, Kangana Ranaut from ‘Gangster’or ‘Woh Lamhe’ , and the one and only Urmila from ‘Banaras’ or even Mallika Sheravat for ‘PKSE’ missed the nomination?

Best Actor in a supporting role (Male) nominations:

Abhishek Bachchan (Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna)
Amitabh Bachchan (Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna)
John Abraham (Baabul)
Kunal Kapoor (Rang De Basanti)
Siddharth (Rang De Basanti)

Abhishek was never in form in ‘KANK’. Amitabh’s Sexy Sam was a comedy. John was wooden in ‘Baabul’. Only the nominations from RDB are worthwhile. But tell me was the part played by Atul Kulkarni or Madhavan or Sharman Joshi in RDB doesn’t well enough for nomination?

Let’s say, The Gandhi from Munnabhai was convincing enough? Or Alok Nath from ‘Vivah’ was not netural enough to get water in your eyes? What about the Akshay of ‘Jaan-e-Mann’?

Best Actor in a supporting role (Female) nominations:

Kirron Kher (Rang De Basanti)
Konkona Sen Sharma (Omkara)
Priety Zinta (Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna)
Rekha (Krrish)
Soha Ali Khan (Rang De Basanti)

Agree to all but want to pay tribute to the rest deserving candidates. Masumeh for a chilling role in ‘Woh Lamhe’, Sima Biswaas for believable acting without dialogues in ‘Vivah’, Gul Panag for a solid performance in ‘Dor’, Juhi Chawala for ‘Bas Ek Pal’.

Best Actor in a comic role nominations:

Arshad Warsi (Lage Raho Munnabhai)
Chunkey Pandey (Apna Sapna Money Money)
Paresh Rawal (Phir Hera Pheri)
Sharman Joshi (Golmaal)
Tusshar Kapoor (Golmaal)

They say comedy is a serious game! Circuit from Munnabhai is a cult character now but had a little to do when Mahatma Gandhi himself was starring in the same film. Not just Chunkey Pandey but all the characters were overshadowed by the one and only Ritesh Deshmukh in ‘Apna Sapna Money Money’. Paresh from ‘Phir hera Pheri’ was run-of-the-mill and Golmaal was never meant to be for a healthy comedy.

So here are we left with some worst combination of nominees possible for the best award!

Her we go with Shreyas Talpade from ‘Dor’, Akshay and Govinda from ‘Bhagambhag’, Akshay from ‘Jaan-e-Mann’, Ranveer Shouri from ‘PKSE’ and ‘Mixed Doubles’, Uday Chopra from ‘Dhoom 2’, Amitabh Bachhan from ‘KANK’, Rietesh Deshmukh from ‘ASMM’, Deepak Dobrial from ‘Omkara’, Paresh Raval for ‘Chup Chup Ke’ and the one and only Rajpal Yadav for the same film ‘Chup Chup Ke’.

Any complains?

Best Actor in a negative role nominations:

Boman Irani (Lage Raho Munnabhai)
Emraan Hashmi (Gangster)
John Abraham (Zinda)
Naseeruddin Shah (Krrish)
if Ali Khan (Omkara)

Saif is my all time favorite for this award. He is going to win this for sure. Rest all are just cancellations. Apart from Comedy, this is the only category without any nomination from ‘Kabhi Alvida na kehna’, isn’t it saying something?

Best Music Nominations:

A R Rahman (Rang De Basanti)
Himesh Reshammiya (Aksar)
Jatin-Lalit (Fanaa)
Pritam (Dhoom 2)
Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy (Don)
Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy (Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna)

‘Don’ is nominated but 2 of it’s tracks were used same as were in the ol’70’s film and title track was made-up from the background score or the theme music of the old film. So where is creativity? On the other hand, the Musical which was ‘Jaan-e-Mann’ needed the nomination for the first ever opera style execution for a motion picture in India with some good melodies inside too!

So are we really considering Himesh Reshamiya’s ‘Aksar’ work as Ghost Raising? Was his album better then the soulful melodies and some chartbusters from ‘Omkara’ or ‘Lage Raho Munnabhai’ or of the folk-art of ‘DOR’? Pritam’s ‘Ankahi’ is his best till date but also has got no place on the list.

And finally…

WHO on earth in his true state of mind can nominate ‘Dhoom 2’ in the best music category over ‘Bas Ek Pal’, ‘Gangster’, ‘Pyaar ke side effects’ and ‘Woh Lamhe’! These four albums rocked the sales and charts for months and still hot favorites and much better then Dhoom 2’s non-melodic sounds. And did someone say ‘Taxi no. 9211’?

From the rest of the lot, A R Rahman (Rang De Basanti) is a sure winner of the nominated lot. Jatin-Lalit’s Fanaa is an interesting choice as the legendary duo had a last laugh with this score. And finally Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy (Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna) had got a nomination which should remain a nomination because no great shakes for the score of KANK. They should win for ‘Salaam-e-Ishq’ next year!

Apart from these most popular categories, there are several more categories and everywhere you see the proofs of biased-ness of the Filmfare and the Times group can be seen.

Will they give ���Jaan-e-Mann��� for best Background Score or Best Editing or Best Choreography?

This is the time when Filmfare should standup on its own feet and TOI should implement the ‘India Poised’ campaign here also.



23 thoughts on “Filmfare is not ‘fair’ at all!

  1. you are right……KANK,D2,n Don should not be in the nomination for best film……watz wrong with filmfare this yr….they are just going by the boxoffice records……so stupid

  2. I partially agree with you on best films
    KANK(definately NO!)
    You can’t just not nominate film just because of it’s message, it’s about how peole liked the film, and did they actually enjoyed it? D2 had pretty decent feedback so I think it deserves place in best film.
    Don was alright but it certainly does not deserve place in best film.

    I don’t know where you get the Khosla Ka Gosla for the best film. IT’s not even a below average film. It’s a pure flop dude. It’s one of those movies where sleeping is necessary. LOlz!!
    Woh Lamhe and Gangster are just not there yet. They had a good performaces but PLOT in both movies was weak.
    vivah should of been there.. It was way better then KANK. and maybe OMKARA can replace DON.

    For the best direction, agree with you, D2 and Krrish does not belong there.
    But one thing I don’t get is why are you in so love with gangster, wohlamhe and khosla ka ghosla?
    None of these three are close to best direction. wohlamhe and gangster have good songs and performance but that’s about it. Khosla ka Ghosla is too weak for these awards.
    Janee-Maan is just too outdated

    vivah is good choice for these award along with corporate and Fanaa

  3. Hi Dushyant You look like a big time fan of Sallu Bhai & Jaan-e-mann. I agree with your point that FILMFARE are not fair but Jaan-e-mann for sure does not deserve to be in the lot apart from the Music category. I think IIFA are a better kind of awards than Filmfare & Not to forget the APSARA Guild Awards(NDTV). These have given nominations to debutant directors in the past.

  4. Iam big fan of bollywood movies, but i was so sad about filmfare nomination looks like its not filmfare award, its shahrukh and karan johar award and chosing thier own dum movies among good movies.

    1st don and kank selected for best movie. thats ok kank but don??? is Don better than fanaa, omkara and Vivah. Vivah was very nice films of 2006. but wat happen to you filmfare.

    2nd best actor again sahrukh on two movies seperate. wat the hell is this.. is sahrukh done better than amir in fanaa and salman in jan-e-man. i dont think so. he supposed to nominate villian, please learn sometings from star screen award.

    3rd, music again don, dhoom2 one of then poor music of 2006 which we can see in review. where is jan-e-man music which was superb in 2006.

    4th male singer again from kank where is sonunigam from jane-man (sau dard and ajnabe sahar) (babul-bawari piya) if u did’t listen yet please listne and change nomanation.

    there are lots of other nomination wich was very upsate to everybody.

    but what we can do, nothings wel done sahrukh and karan. just take award without having ceromony please. but dotn be so much confident, see reuslt of KANK and think.

    thats all good buy filmfare. please dotn do this kind of awards any more just give to sahrukh and karan without nominate.

    sorry guys but its truth
    krishna VA USA

  5. Filmfare is biased towards the yashraj films and Karan Johar Camp.. this has always been the case with Filmfare..How can they DARE miss OMKARA from the best film.. It was one of the best directed movies of the year.. I will not be surprised even if they give all the major awards to KANK…

  6. last year best comidy was given to Ritesh desmukh??? do u thik he made any comedy in blufmuster. There was Suhail khan excelent in MPKK and anil kapor in NO Entry. But its happenin to filmfare. May be star are paying money to filfmare to get awards. and there is nodoubt that shahrukh and karan has relation with filfmare. As we can see this year nomitaion. Thats the reason y Manikchand left sponshering filmfare, i believe. After they leave filmfare became one of then waste award cermony. I really enjoyed and like award of star screen.

    please filmfare if you guys really dont like make looser year by year. select best movie and best star nomintaion please. So, please change nomination if you can.


  7. I know Filmfare is very popular award thats y they dont have to loose their values. They need to change the process of nomination. So, that best movies can be nominated. soem critk said film has to prove excelent at box office to be nomation, but what about vivah and fanaa was blockbuster of 2006 and not nomitated. and DON was average nomitated. And we can see they nomitated 6 movies at best movie, 6 actor, 6 director and other are 5 as usual. looks like they want put 1 more becouse they need to have shahrukh, and karan movies in best. May be these are some reason y Aamir Khan does’t like to go any awards ceromony, he think work is better than award, but sahrukh and karan wrking just to get award. one more things about you shahrukh if u r reading, i watched coffee with karan on last sunday, one question by karan that who think you best actor hritik, amir, saif and avisekh and you reply better than who?? it means clear that you think ur only one good actor and other are just rite. But dont think that there is very good actor than you in bollyowood. this is reason i dotn like you.
    and in last year i watch interview of karan johar, one question was y u always cast sahrukh, and karan said becouse my movie is mega budget and i need mega,super hero wich is only shahrukh. What about other great actor karan who are better than sahrukh,from that day i really hate karan. SO we can see how they think they are only actor and director in bollywood and other are are jsut ok. today they are in top, so they said like that, but time is not always favor of only one.
    sorry i got out of track
    any coment to me please
    from VA

  8. Guys y do you bother the Bollywood wth all this , they are happy with buying up awards and people already know it, that the for teh shit movie the award is given out.
    so we cna assume that which ever movie gets the award, that sthe shit movie o the year

  9. I agree that filmfare has nominated films with big budget but we have to admit it that this kond of film are great i mean the story and the actors…it’s true that there is a lot of film who should be nominated but didnt like faana and omkara

  10. I agree with you, it is disgusting that only the big names and banners can get the awards. Maybe some one in the industry should stand up and speak like you did here…well done

  11. I watch all these so called Award Shows just to entertained by Stage Performances ………… Don’t give a damn! about Awards itself, coz a 12+ year old kid can understand whats going on (can’t say about kids under 12) 😛

  12. i have read ur message on indiafm. and whatever u r said is 100% correct.hey everybody knows filmfarte is biased towardz sharukh, karanjoae and so. thatz y sharuk got so many felmfare. still i remember te years for eg. in 1992 aamie 1993 aamir 1995 rangeela 1998 guklam and it goes on. all these years shurukh oted against aamir its not fair. te bes way is isnore filmfare awards beacause is nor fair.

  13. Aamir Khan does’t like to go any awards ceromony, he think work is better than award, but sahrukh and karan wrking just to get award. one more things about you shahrukh if u r reading, i watched coffee with karan on last sunday, one question by karan that who think you best actor hritik, amir, saif and avisekh and you reply better than who?? it means clear that you think ur only one good actor and other are just rite. But dont think that there is very good actor than you in bollyowood. this is reason i dotn like you.

  14. filmfair is nit fair. do anybody know aamir is the only actor who was nominates all the years from1988 and from 1990 to till now. bur he has got very few best actr awars beacauz filmfair only gives bes actor to sharukh so dont, watch ir its not worth

  15. Filmfare is a family affair between johar/chopra/srk/bachchans. It is a day to stroke their own egos by nominating themsleves in the same category as their collegues and patting each others back by rewarding themself.

    SRK is entertaining but he does nto display too much range. He is typecasted in the candyfloss cinema with designer clothes. The character he is playing has to compromise to SRK rather than otherwise.

    Bachchan should take a haitus – overexposed!!! He is all over the place…tiresome.

    . . . if Corporate, Omkara, Dor, PKSE, Devgan, The RDB clan, etc., can be sidetraked, than Filmfare is no more than an episode of Ekta Kapoor’s serial where they are celebrating the heroine’s 5th or 6th wedding to her first husband who has come back from the dead with a new face.

    taaliyaannnn !!!

  16. Hi. I just read your blog entry on how filmfare isnt fair, and I COMPLETELY agree! Filmfare is only nominating the movies with the most box office really isnt fair. I loved RDB, Fanaa, etc, and those movies didnt get anything. IT REALLY ISNT fair! you have done a great job. someone like you from the industry should speak out..maybe you?
    good actors should know when they have done good work. if they arent nominated or dont win, how will they know they have been appreciated?
    good job once again!!

  17. i agree with you to some extent though you are full of prejudice and bias, you need to get a life. By all means RDB was not great (FYI i love Rakesh Mehra (or whatever his name’s spelling is) previous work AKS). Whats shown in RDB, for me is an act of terrorism not heroism.

    Feel free to talk with me on IMDB, my PM is: joshinishad

    What if we are in matrix?

  18. ya dude.. i agree with most of ur views.. filmfare is obviously totally biased.. thing is they ask for public opinion earlier on for god knows what.. must be doing some kind of nonsense survey or whatevr.. lot of good movies really missed out.. as all the slots were filled by KANK and DON (which were totally unneccasary).. i personally think J-E-M had the best music of the year overall as an album… (and it didnt even get nominated).. its a pity.. Filmfare doesnt reward deserving people.. last year they awarded Black (which was a copy not even an original work) for everything (suddenly the critically acclaimed movies got recognition) and this year such movies like Dor, PKSE, Gangster and many others got totally rejected.. as the big players like Johar and Yash raj had their own movies lined up.. they get awarads for everything.. i sometimes wonder whether they wud even be having enough space to keep so many awards at their place.. not only filmfare.. its like that everywhere in India.. sides are shifted to a segment of people in different fields.. the real talented and hardworking people (majority of them) often miss out due to imbalanced forces predominating our country.. we can only hope for a better future rather for the country and FILMFARE in this case.. another point is tht all kinds of nonsense cases are filed against actors/producers etc.. some one may as well file one against Filmfare for its incredibility and total biased judgements on awards…

  19. if u think filmfare awards are crap, wait for iifa. its supposed to be th INDIAN FILM awards but the same junk lot (some are deserving though) will be transferred over ther as well.

    here’s a thought. why do we need separate nominations for comedy and negative roles? oscars dont have such distinction. if the leading actor is good whether good guy or bad guy, he/she gets a nomination. but too many people to satisfy na.. maybe thats why.

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