From the (dream) working weekend!

Oh Boy! What a weekend I had! Actually if you start from Friday,

First, I was given an opportunity to manage a team of 6 trainees on their first project with my company. That means I am officially declared as a Team Lead and its a promotion to the position I was looking for after all these years of IT experience. I have started the communication with my team and we worked on Saturday! (The first weekend as a TL) LOL! Hurray!

Second, all my friends charged up for the shooting of my next short film ‘Pakdo-Pakdo, Chor-Chor’ (Catch-Catch, Thief-Thief) on Saturday night. Oh boy! It was all fun and we were all laughing all the time. My first attempt at comedy and it was supported by some goose bump performances by my friends Vipul Jani as the thief and Ankit Johari as the boy who catches the thief.

People from all over the neighborhood enjoyed the shooting. Though it was late in the night (we finished shooting at 3:00 AM), kids continued to peep from their windows, they kept laughing and clapping all the time after whenever I said ‘cut’.

The laughs and the claps insured me that something hilarious is in the mini DV tape, which was inside the camera at the time of shooting, as a raw footage. Post production is yet to be done and I am going to dub my film this time around. ‘Before the storm’, my last project, which was for Dev Benegal’s 24×7 Making Movies was not dubbed and sound could have been improved in the same.

Lastly, I watched a fabulous film on the Sunday night which told me the arrival of the year 2007 on a fabulous note. ‘Black Friday’ is a movie needs to be seen like last week I saw ‘Parzania’, a story which needed to be told.

Cinema is a medium for awakening.

Apart from all the movie gyan, I forgot to reach for an important appointment with Project Manager’s Institute of Pune Deccan chapter’s corporate relations director, Shantanu Bhamre on Sunday morning. The poor guy must have waited for me in a restaurant there while I was sleeping in full swing after the night long shooting.

I don’t know what excuse I should make! LOL! I am in big soup! LOL!


One thought on “From the (dream) working weekend!

  1. You sond soooooo busy !! hehehe . such an interesting life you have !
    I hope you will be ok with the Project Manager , and everything will work out well for you !:P

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