Weekend arrives… life begins!

Exactly I didn’t get any time to shave in last two weeks and people say the unshaven look in not bad with me. What do you say?

I am almost done with the plans and preparations for this weekend and looking forward to it so enthusiastically. Priyanka, my fiancé, is coming to Pune with her brother Ankit and my l’il sister Aarti to attend a university exam for MBA entrance. The trio is coming for the first time to this city and we all are so excited about this. Let’s hope that we all have fun and things just turn out as expected.

I got an email from IndiaFM.com regarding a blog entry that I made about the Filmfare nominations, stating that, they are going to publish my blog post on their website this Saturday. I am so happy about this and want to tell you that IndiaFM is sole complete and best Bollywood portal online and has very good reputation and connections in the industry.

Okay! Enough of the marketing things! LOL!

Office is going cool and work is increasing and reducing every minute. Projects are going just fine. I just finished working on the Flash movie for the Project Management Institute (PMI), Pune-Deccan chapter and got complements from the Director of the corporate relations and marketing. A treat is due and he’ll be calling soon.

No great shakes as now I am worried that what will happen if he calls us sometime this weekend. I cannot deny a meeting with this guy and my boss!

The weekend plans includes a movie, some good dinners and roam around the city. A cricket match is also in the scene but I don’t know if have enough courage to watch the match instead of paying attention to the visitors. LOL!

Have a fun filled weekend friends and who visiting my blog for the first time (via IndiaFM or otherwise), I’d like to know your comments and suggestions and to add more about yourself. So feel free to comment and leave your pugmarks.

Rock On!


3 thoughts on “Weekend arrives… life begins!

  1. The unshaved look…looks good. LOL

    Have an awesome weekend with Priyanka, your sister and Ankit and congrats on your Filmfare critic review hitting a top page.

    Warm Hugs,
    Mom 😉

  2. Hope you have a lots of fun when Priyanka, her brither and your sister comes to town!! Hope to see pictures of you and Priyanka. Congrats on your blog being publish at Indiafm!!

  3. That was a very special pic ,you look very cool ! hehehe
    So glad for you .so many happy exciting things with you .i hope they all will go very well .Im sure that you all will have s much fun and things will turn out as expected or more ! hehe

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