Humors life of mine… to laugh or just gawp!

Don’t laugh okay!

My budget for the month of February has gone wrong a bit. It is just some derailing here and there. It is okay if you ask as for the first time in my whole life I tried to keep a budget and even reached till the end of the month with almost all the transactions and spending.

Next three to four months or the rest of the year or rest of the life from now on will need all kind of budgeting and planning and that kind of stuff. I am not good at it as I just do what I feel like spending and a good earning ends up in a bad spending. I never took it like I am spending MY money or should moderate the spending. I think the time is here now when I should take a break and look around the street and smell the flowers.

Next month I am going home that means a good dent not just in the current budget but also adds up to the unpaid leaves of a whole week for the next month’s salary. Well here comes a slice of truth, I am really looking forward to make a decent budget function of my wedding and till date have no idea of what exactly I want. So! I am going home for a week to settle down matters and then I can think of anything else i.e. plans for honeymoon.

Eeew! That sounds so creepy!

I mean, everyone out there who’ve been on their honeymoon(s) do understand what exactly I mean and who are still enjoying the incomplete life will soon understand that planning for honeymoon and making reservations at trains or flights and hotels looks so embarrassing. Nothing personal but tell me, doesn’t it feels odd?

I was browsing through some website and one collogue of mine just commented that the place was not good at all and I should go elsewhere. I asked him about what place he is talking about and he said the picture of the valley on my screen. It was an ad banner for god sake, and he thought I was Googling about the best honeymoon destinations in India. It kind of freaks me out when my boss starts with his bunch of suggestions and stories about how things turned purple on his honeymoon in middle of lunch hour at office.

And to add shine to my embarrassment and frustration, I am getting married in peak summer time in India and am left with no option but to head for North. It will be too crowded and too expensive because of the tourist season. It will be the Himalayas and not the lovely seashores that I just adore. To add salt in the ice-cream, Priyanka gets sick if she travels longer in a bus. Hill stations do not have that good rail road infrastructure.

It is hilarious. Don’t you think so?

And I just asked my team working so heard on their maiden project led by me that has anyone made a file called login.jsp?

Damn! we are too slow for the beginning so I grabbed a copy of this book called ‘One minute manager’ from office library. I’ll try to seek some reconciliation in it.

At home after office timings I do have a quite supper and just start reading some book. Right now I am at page no 495 of ‘Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix’. Next bedtime read will be ‘the half blood prince’. I am sure that it is the right way of keeping my mind out of the butterflies and chirpy and quirky ideas and thoughts.

Everything has got humor.

Now you can laugh.


3 thoughts on “Humors life of mine… to laugh or just gawp!

  1. LOL !! If I say nice to hear this, you may come and kick me.

    Its fine, I am struggling with work, and occasionally visit the pages coming on the top of my list during short breaks.

  2. you seem to have a messy mind now . lol
    Maybe you should write down everything first . could be a bit better . or ask talk to your family ,its good to learn more experience .ihope everything will go very well !

  3. very best wishes for the coming months.
    You seem to have enough humour to cope with the stress of it all.

    good luck


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