Somethings gotta give

What if the office does not have a photocopy machine?

In standard international conditions the answer to this world class problem is here! Just follow these steps:

1. Scan the document you want to copy.

2. Take the printout.

What if the scanner is attached with the designer’s computer at office?


1. Just go to his/her desk.

2. Tickle him/her in back.

3. Swing his/her chair till he/she gets irritated and asks, “What the **** is your problem?”

4. Get them the document you want to copy.

5. The designer will scan it, print it and deliver it on our desk in next 5 minutes.


I am the designer and in my office they do not have a photocopy machine.

Get the picture!

I decided to shoo them away who just pop in between my important tasks and make me do a parallel job of a photocopier on my desk at random times.

Then, just to show my thoughts more I placed this slip on the scanner. So every time someone comes at me to scan something, I just ask them to put the paper or whatever inside the scanner themselves. They get the message and I feel delighted.

They feel embarrassed after I give them their copy and stare at their faces.

It is joke but I think this was an irritated answer. LOL!

What do you think guys?


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