10 Things that I have done and probably you haven’t

There I was, browsing online and came across so many funny lists today. So, I decided to add a kind of list you may have never experienced! They are in no particular order though.

10 Things that I have done and probably you haven’t:

1. I hoodwinked from my town to the next town on my first bicycle. It was 10 Miles! (I was 9)

2. I boozed in Classroom with friends (water bottles! (I was 16)), and had more than 7 drinks on an International flight. (23)

3. Crashed Car (16), Bicycle (9) and Scooter (13) on the very first day of trying hands on them. Never got hurt!

4. I had a car crash on my 23rd birthday in which I’ve broken 5 bones. I wasn’t even driving!

5. I’ve been in 4 different countries in less than 20 Hrs. India-Austria-Denmark-Sweden. (23)

6. I never met anyone who has a blog! So I am the only person in my friends and relatives who owns a blog.

7. I am an indi film maker. I made 3 short films, written approx 6 scripts and 3 of them are of motion picture length.

8. I went to Ice-Bar in Stockholm with a bunch of friends and in an hour’s spawn we had 4 drinks each!(23)

9. Finished reading of ‘Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince’ in 28 Hrs. flat.(22)

10. For 3 years I had a nice little den made-up of window pans and unused rugs on the roof of my house when I was 12.


The Deathly Hallows

The end is here. It cannot be true. It is so soon. I finished reading the Half Blood Prince last night and today morning see what I got here, the final book cover.

The Deathly Hallows is here to conclude the series.

As any other HP fan, I am also desperate to read the book 7 which will come out on July 21 but feeling sad with the thought of no more Harry after it at the same time. It is a mixed bag kind of feeling if you ask me. Everything which has a beginning has an end.

But it is here, isn’t it? We can see it, don’t we?

Apart from the regular Harry should kill Voldemort and finishes all his Horcruxes, here are my expectations (Or rather, I am preying desperately) from The Deathly Hallows:

1. Harry lives a long life with Ginny.

2. Dumbledore returns in some form.

3. Harry gets at least some words with his parents or Sirius.

4. Ron and Hermione express their feelings towards each other.

5. Hogwarts remains open.

6. R.A.B. should be alive and must assist Harry in his venture.

7. No one from the Weasley clan or from Hermione’s family or from the teaching staff of Hogwarts or from Uncle Vernon’s Family or any student from Hogwarts or any member of the Order of the Phoenix gets hurt.

8. Harry must have a face off with Snape and kill him.

9. Dolores Umbridge should get another lesson. She needs more then she got.

10. House elves should be playing more crucial part than just serving. They are way too strong.

11. Luna and Neville should end up together.

12. Draco should realize the fact that he is not evil and should sacrifices himself in process to save Harry.

13. Mr. Weasley for Minister of Magic!

14. Stan Shunpike must be released from Azkaban.

15. The Phoenix owned by Dumbledore must come with Harry in the hunt of Horcruxes.

16. Someone will gain some magical powers very late in his/her life. I am desperately praying it should be Dudley.

And a lot more. It is a tough wait if you ask me.

Go Harry…!

Little Becky!

This little girl, who’s featured on the breakfast show on 98FM in Dublin is sheer genius. She’s a real eight-year old girl and ad libs it all.

I’m sure some of you won’t understand every reference, but hopefully will get a laugh anyway.


No Cricket Please!

It’s a pity that Indian Cricket team has lost out from the round robin games of the World Cup. The whole nation is depressed and in a state of shock and confusion. I am really heartbroken after whatever happened last week. Well, if we look closely, it comes at us as being the richest cricketing board in the world BCCI (Board of control for cricket in India) needed this kind of shock for a long time. All the endorsements by the players were like into your face. (I quit the ads too… not just cricket.)

I disappointed nation and a disappointed me.

I am over with the game and looking forward to this game called ‘Rugby’ or ‘American Football’. Is there anyone out there can tell me something about this game?

(PS: I am supporting this game because India is never likely to play the world cup rugby and we are never likely to face a national disgrace of this kind.)

On the other hand I think Rugby is quite thrilling (As shown in the movies! of course!)

So tell me.. What are the rules and what are the teams and what to expect from a team and whom to support?

I am serious!

Hey! Within a month from now, I’ll be a married man!

People just enjoy the day and have loads of tea and coffee!

Something is coming…!

Ah… How can I expect my life to be calmer at any point of time? I cannot pretend that I am not going to have those regular shakeups of my day-to-day life all over again. I think I have the most happening living on a jet plane life and the minor calms which I get as breaks look as I am waiting for the next wave from the ocean on the beach.

It is foolish attempt to just think of not having something go haywire in near future. Something is going to happen soon. It is not just about marriage. It is something else as my instinct tells me.

By the way, I am going to Mumbai (Bombay) tomorrow morning as all the old Datamatics friends have planned a get together after a long time. We will have fun over the weekend there. Just one small issue is that, tonight India is going to play its most crucial cricket match against Sri Lanka and if lost, we will be out of the World Cup tournament. The match will be on till 3:00 a.m. IST and I need to catch the bus to Mumbai at 6 O’clock in the morning.

I have updated my play list in the Music is Life post so just listen to those songs online and enjoy!

Have a nice weekend friends.

Now what?

I am forced to eat my words of calling Bangladesh Cricket team a minnow in my previous post as on the fateful Saturday the thick experienced Indian side lost their first match in the tournament against the all round performance by the young Bangla guns. They were good! Indians played like losers.

Second shock of the ICC World cup came as Pakistan lost to even minnow-er (then Bangladesh) Ireland and became the first team to get out of the tournament, third was the death of the Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer in his hotel room, fourth the resignation of all the management of Pakistan Cricket board including the captain, selectors and the president of PCB. Inzamaam-ul-Haq the captain of Pakistan Cricket team went one step further and announced his retirement from the one day cricket.

Finally, in the end as consolation India registered the biggest win ever in the One Day International Cricket over Bermuda by beating them with 257 runs on Monday.


Cricket is all around and is in the air.

I am thinking over things personally and think that the thoughts should remain in my head till I think of some conclusive thoughts.

Don’t worry! I am confused too.

Just like you.

Music is life!

Here is a small gift for all my friends, a collection of the best songs that I love. I am gonna update these songs too as I can add as many as 75 songs in the list. So whenever an update will happen, I’ll blog about it. Meanwhile, tell me your loved songs. I’d like to here them too and who knows, I might add them in my list too! Comeon people, Cheers!

A fortnight of shopping!

As another week draws to an end, we all happily await for the India’s first match against the minnow Bangladesh in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007. I am literally dying to see the men in blue in action. It has been almost a week since the tournament has started but India’s first group match is scheduled for this Saturday.

I think it is enough for the weekend here. Last week and for the first two days of this week, I was in Indore with my family. I did all the shopping for my wedding and set up all the arrangements for the big day. Now all the things are in place and I am very happy with the settings.

It was a really huge task to do all the shopping. In first 4 days alone the figure was too high and in the end it was almost Rs.100, 000/- cash purchase has been done. It is a huge amount for Indian standards and this was only spent on apparels and traditional things.

I purchased a Sherwani, A suit, Mojadi, Kolhapuri Sleepers, Shoes, 4 pair of Shirt-trousers for my self baring all the male accessories, many Saris for Priyanka and for all the females in the family and closed relatives, suits for Papa and uncle, A very- very sweet ‘Lancha’ or ‘Sharara’ for Aarti, makeup kit for the bride, mehendi and other preparations.

Oh boy! In the end I started to hate the word – Shopping!

But it is all over now. Probably in a couple of days I’ll go out and get some cufflinks for my new shirts.

It is a holiday on Monday for Gudi Padwa (A new Hindu New Year is starting again! I don’t know how many times in a year a new Hindu New Year starts!). I am not complaining till they give us holidays for the day!

Hey! In all this chaos I got some very good time with Priyanka too! It is like we both have started to act like idiots now.

Well rest is okay sort of! Hope you are all fine! Have fun friends and live your life!