Carom Kingdom!

Carom Competition begun with sparks on the board.


PUNE: In the first game of the Carom Kingdom competition between Team B1 (Dushyant Kanungo-Smita Ghatge) was beaten by Team B2 (Vikram Jadhav- Srinivas Rao) on a very narrow margin in the third and last deciding round by 14-6.

Held at Westbase India the Carom Kingdom is one of a kind competition and HR staff has managed to compose a team structure of equal metal.

Earlier in the day Rao lost the toss and team B1’s Smita got the striker at her helm. With a slow start but steady start team B1 was looking a far more improved then was predicted by cynics. On the other sides of the table team B2 members were certainly got favor from the stands and spectators.

Rao who almost missed the opportunity to take the cover over the queen over more than 20 times through out the game, said to be getting tips from spectators and pocket boys. In the last parts of the game it was referee Sushil Muniyal who traced the breach of code of conduct and gave a warning to the Team B2.

Dushyant Kanungo, the B1 team hitter, also known as the ‘Golden Figure’ of the game, later said “The crowd was certainly not in favor and it was just a matter of last strike.” Kanungo was also fined by the referee for the half circle strike was certainly not looking happy at all. “It was just after we decided to take the conditions in favor after winning the second game, the foul cry from the referee broke the momentum gained by him” said Ghatge who looked rather modest after the win then her prater. She also added that it is just a matter of a few next games as they now are playing with weaker opponents in their next few round robin games.

Jadhav seemed pleased with the outcome. He said “It was a team effort and Rao also should be given the credit.” Jadhav who pocketed the queen and the cover in the last game also added that, “Rao did missed the opportunity quite a few times but so the opponents.”

The Board of Control for Carom in Westbase (BCCW), also known as ‘West active’ seemed pleased on the opening ceremony. On the terms of remain unnamed a spokesperson from the West active said, “As Dushyant will not be here in the next week certain matches of the team B1 has been rescheduled as to their comfort. We are still in the process to figure out on what grounds these matches are not following their suit according the Prophecy.”

Next match of the competition is expected to be announced soon.


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