A fortnight of shopping!

As another week draws to an end, we all happily await for the India’s first match against the minnow Bangladesh in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007. I am literally dying to see the men in blue in action. It has been almost a week since the tournament has started but India’s first group match is scheduled for this Saturday.

I think it is enough for the weekend here. Last week and for the first two days of this week, I was in Indore with my family. I did all the shopping for my wedding and set up all the arrangements for the big day. Now all the things are in place and I am very happy with the settings.

It was a really huge task to do all the shopping. In first 4 days alone the figure was too high and in the end it was almost Rs.100, 000/- cash purchase has been done. It is a huge amount for Indian standards and this was only spent on apparels and traditional things.

I purchased a Sherwani, A suit, Mojadi, Kolhapuri Sleepers, Shoes, 4 pair of Shirt-trousers for my self baring all the male accessories, many Saris for Priyanka and for all the females in the family and closed relatives, suits for Papa and uncle, A very- very sweet ‘Lancha’ or ‘Sharara’ for Aarti, makeup kit for the bride, mehendi and other preparations.

Oh boy! In the end I started to hate the word – Shopping!

But it is all over now. Probably in a couple of days I’ll go out and get some cufflinks for my new shirts.

It is a holiday on Monday for Gudi Padwa (A new Hindu New Year is starting again! I don’t know how many times in a year a new Hindu New Year starts!). I am not complaining till they give us holidays for the day!

Hey! In all this chaos I got some very good time with Priyanka too! It is like we both have started to act like idiots now.

Well rest is okay sort of! Hope you are all fine! Have fun friends and live your life!


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