No Cricket Please!

It’s a pity that Indian Cricket team has lost out from the round robin games of the World Cup. The whole nation is depressed and in a state of shock and confusion. I am really heartbroken after whatever happened last week. Well, if we look closely, it comes at us as being the richest cricketing board in the world BCCI (Board of control for cricket in India) needed this kind of shock for a long time. All the endorsements by the players were like into your face. (I quit the ads too… not just cricket.)

I disappointed nation and a disappointed me.

I am over with the game and looking forward to this game called ‘Rugby’ or ‘American Football’. Is there anyone out there can tell me something about this game?

(PS: I am supporting this game because India is never likely to play the world cup rugby and we are never likely to face a national disgrace of this kind.)

On the other hand I think Rugby is quite thrilling (As shown in the movies! of course!)

So tell me.. What are the rules and what are the teams and what to expect from a team and whom to support?

I am serious!

Hey! Within a month from now, I’ll be a married man!

People just enjoy the day and have loads of tea and coffee!


2 thoughts on “No Cricket Please!

  1. I hope you enjoyed the game anyway even the team lost heheh !
    Im looking forward to hear the most happy amazing news pins from you in a month Dushyant ! take good care of yourself , best wishes for you and everyone of your family !

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