10 Things that I have done and probably you haven’t

There I was, browsing online and came across so many funny lists today. So, I decided to add a kind of list you may have never experienced! They are in no particular order though.

10 Things that I have done and probably you haven’t:

1. I hoodwinked from my town to the next town on my first bicycle. It was 10 Miles! (I was 9)

2. I boozed in Classroom with friends (water bottles! (I was 16)), and had more than 7 drinks on an International flight. (23)

3. Crashed Car (16), Bicycle (9) and Scooter (13) on the very first day of trying hands on them. Never got hurt!

4. I had a car crash on my 23rd birthday in which I’ve broken 5 bones. I wasn’t even driving!

5. I’ve been in 4 different countries in less than 20 Hrs. India-Austria-Denmark-Sweden. (23)

6. I never met anyone who has a blog! So I am the only person in my friends and relatives who owns a blog.

7. I am an indi film maker. I made 3 short films, written approx 6 scripts and 3 of them are of motion picture length.

8. I went to Ice-Bar in Stockholm with a bunch of friends and in an hour’s spawn we had 4 drinks each!(23)

9. Finished reading of ‘Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince’ in 28 Hrs. flat.(22)

10. For 3 years I had a nice little den made-up of window pans and unused rugs on the roof of my house when I was 12.


3 thoughts on “10 Things that I have done and probably you haven’t

  1. Where was this picture taken, looks like from somewhere in Denmark. Or maybe its from your home where youre from?
    From the list you wrote I can say I crashed on a little motorscooter when I was a teen kid, almost run over a teacher going down the hill. A buddy let me drive it for a testrun and he tried to tell me how to use the brakes but you know how it is I just jumped on there and took off ,then I didn’t know youre supposed to brake with the hanlde and just fleww doen the hill, the man jumped out of my way in the last second aand I crashed hard on the stone asphalt, scraping off all my skin on my legs and arms. The buddy came running and was pissed aboutthe crooked fame on his scooter but he didn’t feel sorry for the blood dripping from my arms.

  2. one more thing I am deeply impressed that you already wrote film scripts, would love to see a clip of one

  3. I’m very impressed about the films….would you be kind enough to share about them…?
    Are they vinettes? Black and white or color? How did you choose the actors/actresses? What are the storylines? How long did it take you to film?

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