I am getting married!

And here comes my dear Chinese friend YanYan with a wonderful blog entry! Thanks to you dear for a wonderful blog and your wishes. If I count from now, the tag will say 6 days to go but the truth is I am going home today evening and in a couple of days time I’ll be with almost 50 relatives and friends and the counting will increase as the clock will tick. Next Thursday the final ceremoney will take place.

SO, as some of you might be interested in the way we get married in our part of India (There are several different kind of rituals are performed in different places of India and all qualify as same.). I am getting married according to the Hindu rituals.

Here is a brief list that is expected to happen. I know it might be a bit funny but this is the way. Infect sometime all this causes a lot of laugh in our daily laughs.

1. I’ll reach home on Saturday morning and my mom might break into tears!

2. Need to go on shopping for the last bit (again!), in India it never gets over!

3. Friends will cry for an individual party as alcohol is strictly a no-no in family weddings (well most of!)! For them party means BOOZE and pass out! So I need to take time for them.

4. Need to count friends again and figure if someone is left who is not invited! (Again… This also never ends here!)

5. I will have mehendi on hands.

6. I will ride a horse and all the friends and relatives will dance in front of it for over 2 hours on live band music.

7. My shoes will be stolen by my sister-in-laws (Priyanka’s sisters) and then I need to pay them some money after negotiation (it will be at least 5 times the actual cost of the shoes)!

And so on…

I think photos will speak a lot more than this.. I am sure will get a lot of them as now I do have a rocking 2GB + 512 MB memory for my digital camera.

Friends, this is going to be my second longest break from 360 since I started here. I’ll miss you all. As my ‘e-mom’ Jackie has told me, I’ll keep taking notes to remember what needs to be blogged when I return!

Zoe, you will get all the account of wedding traditions.

Gabriele, I’ll give you a lot of stuff to be used as inspiration on my return!

Jessica, Katie, Ashleigh, Jane, Angel and Rachel… I miss you all and will get the full account when I’ll come back! Gin bhai take care!

AND apart from my blog-world friends, all of you who visit my page and never comment, have a nice time ahead and miss me!

AND all of you who are coming to attend the wedding… WELCOME! And CHEERS!

Bye for now friends.

See you all soon!

Let the life begin!

PS: If I forget to mention something please excuse me as cannot think of anything now! LOL!

PSS: If you don’t understand any term… do a Google!


8 Days to go…!

First thing is my condolences to families of all the victims of Virginia tragedy. Someone told me that there were 2 Indians also died in the incident. One is a 45 year old professor and Minal Panchal, a 17 year old student of first year.

It was all so very sad.

Second thing is I’d like to thank Gabriele for mentioning my name in her blog post and painting a beautiful rose for me as a wedding gift. Thanks Gabriele, you rock!

The weekend was just great. We roamed around the city and on Monday morning I realized it is all a matter of 10 days (then! NOW 8 DAYS to go).

I am not panic. Just need some tranquilizers to calm down (LOL!). I told my boss to do not give me any kind of work now and he promised me for that. Meanwhile, Nikhil came this weekend from Mumbai with a couple of luggage bags. They are fabulous and I think will solve all the needs of baggage in coming future. I did my last bit of shopping (again!) and am totally pissed off of this shopping thing.

To be very sharp, I am now thinking of nice holidays with my wife in Himalayas to seek the peace of mind.

I’ll be off in a couple of days and will not be able to access internet or blog for at least3 weeks. I hope people from the blog world won’t forget me in this small time spawn!

Keep smiling friends!

Last moment treats!

Yesterday the carom competition concluded in my office and Srinivas and Vikram’s team, who beaten my team in the first round won the final prize. And in a surprise round of voting, the office selected the most popular guy in office and guess who won?


It was me! So I got a surprise gift!

So! Now I can proudly say that I am the most popular guy in my office too! LOL! The picture on the top is of the little prize that I got. It is a cool little clock.

I upgraded the memory of my digital camera and now it can store up to 1000 photos. It is way too much than I ever needed!

Only last 13 days are remaining in wedding and only 8 days to go before I’ll catch the bus to Indore.

Ahh… I don’t know if everyone feels the same way before getting married? I am feeling a bit relaxed to see Amit Tiwari in office as he’ll be getting married on 21st April. Yeah he is getting married before me. But tomorrow will be his last day and I’ll be left out here for another week with all this anxiety!

We all from office went for a lunch that was a treat from me and Amit and guess what we ate? It was a complete true blue Indian classical restaurant called ‘Rajdhani’ and we had so delicious food. Here is the food…

And here is the sweet…My Favorite!

Mango Juice!

Yeas Mango Juice…! First time in this season I got it as a surprise as I was not expecting it before going to Indore!

Happy Easter! (a bit late though!)

I clicked this photograph a few days back in luchtime outside my office. Look at the blue sky!

It was a good weekend and I hope every soul of the blog world had a fantastic time this Easter and are happy to be back on work after a classy long weekend. Well ‘Happy to return at work’ is a bit gone overboard… LOL…! Well I had a fabulous weekend with some hitches and stuff but it was all just great. Got a pair of cufflinks for me, watched some movies (OKAY not some but many!), played cards after a long time and just wandered out on streets with friends to cool off my head in late nights.

The movies I watched in all these three days are Primeval, Rocky, Rocky II, Rocky III, Rocky IV, Shakalaka Boom Boom, Nishabd and Red. Yeah I know, they are too many but to tell you, once you start with Rocky, there is no turning back! He is the man, he is the fighter. It is not just about boxing; it is about a life of a fighter, his dreams, his hopes and his triumph. I smiled in the first film, was singing in second and dancing in the third. It was fourth which spelled triumph. I am going to watch the rest of the series i.e. Rocky V and Rocky Balboa soon. As the hindi report card comes, Nishabd was a rip off Lolita of Nobokov. Red was the most senseless thriller with no story at all, Shakala boom boom was a film based on music rivals with very weak music score to support.

Okay! Back to life!

Friends! Dehradun and Massoorie are situated in the valley of Himalayas. The place is cold and green. The air starts to grow thin from there if people start to climb on the peaks of the world’s most ancient mountain range.

I thank all my friends here on 360 for their best wishes and I am really hoping to share more stories and videos and photos from the wedding and of the vacations soon.

Now in another blow in the World Cup Cricket 2007, the minnow Bangladesh beat the world number one South Africa on Friday and it was a really GIANT kill for them.

Now for my friends from the US, who do not know a think about this so called gentlemen’s game, a few facts:

1. A cricket team consists of 11 players, 1 extra, 1 coach, 1 manager.

2. After the toss team decide who will bat first.

3. If it is a one day international, each team gets to play 50 overs. An over consists of 6 balls.

4. Now the second team has to score more runs then runs scored by the team batting first to win the match.

5. If it is a test match both the sides bat twice and the game goes on till 5 days and 90 overs a day. It is pretty boring kinds of game and only 12 nations have status as test playing nation.

6. The game is discovered by British but they never won the World Cup ever since it has begun.


1975 : West Indies

1979 : West Indies

1983 : India

1987 : Australia

1991 : Pakistan

1996 : Sri Lanka

1999 : Australia

2003 : Aus

2007 : Going on (My bet is on New Zealand)

For the first time in the history of the game, Team India is out of the tournament from the first round itself. In last world cup (2003) we played the final match against Australia and lost. But at least we gave a fight.

So that���s it!

Have a wonderful day ahead!

Weekend before last weekend approaches!

Blame it to Indian cricket team that I lost my all the enthusiasm to blog at all. I am still not over with the first round defeat.

Well Apart from cricket, I am just counting days in reverse order for my bachelorhood. The date is coming faster and faster and sometimes it feels like can’t it just come more fast? LOL! It is a funny feeling to be on the most important crossroad of life. I love it and enjoying each day at it’s fullest. April is hot here. The temperatures are soaring as high as 40C on average but Barwani had seen 45C earlier this month. May is yet to come and we are going to be grilled!

SO! To cut the heat out, I am going on my honeymoon to the Himalayas (or better the valley of the Himalayas). They are supposed to be the most beautiful, romantic and cool spot in India with moderate to low temperature all the year long. As you all know, wedding is on 26th April and we will be boarding a train to Dehradun on 29th April from Indore. The train will reach Dehradun on 30th evening. After spending the night in Dun we will be heading for Massoorie. There I have got a fantastic package of 3 nights and 4 days in a honeymoon suit! It includes a one day tracking, sightseeing tours in car, candle light dinners and more. We will return to Indore on 6th May.

I think it will be fun!

I will be leaving for Indore from Pune on 20th April. I think I am done with most of the shopping but still will go out and check for things on this Friday as we are having a three days weekend.

I have to do so many things meanwhile as the weekend approaches i.e. invitation card distribution, meeting Prem for the development of his script, shopping and so on.

This is going to be one of my last weekends with friends. I am going to miss all these days so much.

Gaurav and I were recollecting all the memories of Pune since last night, all of last three years together and it seemed like a very long time the things happened. We missed so many things and there were so many people that we used to know. We played cards in late nights, boozed, had dinners in different restaurants, different colleagues, different bosses, different movies, different slapsticks, jocks, tragedies, accidents, dates, trips, sorrows, fights, songs and a life full of laugh, tears, joy, support and survival away from family in a family chosen by us.

The photo posted with this blog is approximately 2.5 years old and of my early days of Pune. From left to right there are Amit, Ankit, me and Gaurav.

Grrr… I am wordless.. But what to do yaar… I am gonna miss you all!

Love, Hugs and Best Wishes to you all my friends!

Live Life!

Rock On!

They are all going to school!

One more please!… Bharatbala and Kanika make fabulous films.. and I am in love with their style of making these videos. This one is here because it is so true to life. It made me shed some water from my eyes… LOL.. a bit nostalgic.

The song says…

Early morning we are getting dressed and going out to meet friends,
We are going to school! (School Chale Hum)


And whats better for the 250th Blog entry then a nostalgic tearful video… LOL!