They are all going to school!

One more please!… Bharatbala and Kanika make fabulous films.. and I am in love with their style of making these videos. This one is here because it is so true to life. It made me shed some water from my eyes… LOL.. a bit nostalgic.

The song says…

Early morning we are getting dressed and going out to meet friends,
We are going to school! (School Chale Hum)


And whats better for the 250th Blog entry then a nostalgic tearful video… LOL!


2 thoughts on “They are all going to school!

  1. My pc is really really slow !! lol the song been loading untill since I sent the last comment to your last blog , its still loading . so funny . heheh But still I heard a bit , very happy beautiful song !

  2. Oh my god I got it ! Its so beautiful sweet ! can felt the happiness sweetness beauties from it when i was listening to it . the pictures are really beautiful !so charming place and so cute kids ! I really enjoyed it !

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