Weekend before last weekend approaches!

Blame it to Indian cricket team that I lost my all the enthusiasm to blog at all. I am still not over with the first round defeat.

Well Apart from cricket, I am just counting days in reverse order for my bachelorhood. The date is coming faster and faster and sometimes it feels like can’t it just come more fast? LOL! It is a funny feeling to be on the most important crossroad of life. I love it and enjoying each day at it’s fullest. April is hot here. The temperatures are soaring as high as 40C on average but Barwani had seen 45C earlier this month. May is yet to come and we are going to be grilled!

SO! To cut the heat out, I am going on my honeymoon to the Himalayas (or better the valley of the Himalayas). They are supposed to be the most beautiful, romantic and cool spot in India with moderate to low temperature all the year long. As you all know, wedding is on 26th April and we will be boarding a train to Dehradun on 29th April from Indore. The train will reach Dehradun on 30th evening. After spending the night in Dun we will be heading for Massoorie. There I have got a fantastic package of 3 nights and 4 days in a honeymoon suit! It includes a one day tracking, sightseeing tours in car, candle light dinners and more. We will return to Indore on 6th May.

I think it will be fun!

I will be leaving for Indore from Pune on 20th April. I think I am done with most of the shopping but still will go out and check for things on this Friday as we are having a three days weekend.

I have to do so many things meanwhile as the weekend approaches i.e. invitation card distribution, meeting Prem for the development of his script, shopping and so on.

This is going to be one of my last weekends with friends. I am going to miss all these days so much.

Gaurav and I were recollecting all the memories of Pune since last night, all of last three years together and it seemed like a very long time the things happened. We missed so many things and there were so many people that we used to know. We played cards in late nights, boozed, had dinners in different restaurants, different colleagues, different bosses, different movies, different slapsticks, jocks, tragedies, accidents, dates, trips, sorrows, fights, songs and a life full of laugh, tears, joy, support and survival away from family in a family chosen by us.

The photo posted with this blog is approximately 2.5 years old and of my early days of Pune. From left to right there are Amit, Ankit, me and Gaurav.

Grrr… I am wordless.. But what to do yaar… I am gonna miss you all!

Love, Hugs and Best Wishes to you all my friends!

Live Life!

Rock On!


5 thoughts on “Weekend before last weekend approaches!

  1. I wish I could go to the wedding – that would be awesome…but my ticket is bought already for CA. I’ve got a newbie grandbaby on the way and I want to be there for her birth.

    Wishing you the best – hope happiness follows your life always!

    Warm Hugs,
    Jac a.k.a. Mom

  2. Very cool Pic ! How close your buddies are !What an awesome friendship ! Hehehe
    Just smiled when was reading your blog ! lol you were funny ! I hope you enjoy every day fully !
    YAY the honeymoon sounds just so amazing and romantic ! It will be really soon Dushyant ! rest well so you will look greatest that day !hehehe looking forward to hear from you soon Dushyant ! Take good care keep being happy ! hugs with bestest wishes for you and your family !

  3. Dushyant. nobody or anything can take away all of those fun memories from you that u just told us about. cherish them all, for now u are on a new crossroad to make even more with your new life and new wife to be. I wish you both great Luck,Love and Happiness Always♥ forever your friend Katie xoxoxox

  4. Yes I have to tag along with the other three, I am so happy for you and wish you and your new wife to be nothing but joy and happiness on your journey together. April 29th is my husbands birthday. looking at the picture of you and your friends you all must be very cool guys, all of you together on your wedding will be another beautiful picture to remember for the next 50 years. congratulations to you and you special somwone and have a wonderful honeymoon But the Himalayans? isnt the air very thin and hard to breathe up there? well I sure hope that this is not a goodbye and that youre still going to be in here tell stories about your life when you get back, maybe some new baby pictures in the near future?

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