Happy Easter! (a bit late though!)

I clicked this photograph a few days back in luchtime outside my office. Look at the blue sky!

It was a good weekend and I hope every soul of the blog world had a fantastic time this Easter and are happy to be back on work after a classy long weekend. Well ‘Happy to return at work’ is a bit gone overboard… LOL…! Well I had a fabulous weekend with some hitches and stuff but it was all just great. Got a pair of cufflinks for me, watched some movies (OKAY not some but many!), played cards after a long time and just wandered out on streets with friends to cool off my head in late nights.

The movies I watched in all these three days are Primeval, Rocky, Rocky II, Rocky III, Rocky IV, Shakalaka Boom Boom, Nishabd and Red. Yeah I know, they are too many but to tell you, once you start with Rocky, there is no turning back! He is the man, he is the fighter. It is not just about boxing; it is about a life of a fighter, his dreams, his hopes and his triumph. I smiled in the first film, was singing in second and dancing in the third. It was fourth which spelled triumph. I am going to watch the rest of the series i.e. Rocky V and Rocky Balboa soon. As the hindi report card comes, Nishabd was a rip off Lolita of Nobokov. Red was the most senseless thriller with no story at all, Shakala boom boom was a film based on music rivals with very weak music score to support.

Okay! Back to life!

Friends! Dehradun and Massoorie are situated in the valley of Himalayas. The place is cold and green. The air starts to grow thin from there if people start to climb on the peaks of the world’s most ancient mountain range.

I thank all my friends here on 360 for their best wishes and I am really hoping to share more stories and videos and photos from the wedding and of the vacations soon.

Now in another blow in the World Cup Cricket 2007, the minnow Bangladesh beat the world number one South Africa on Friday and it was a really GIANT kill for them.

Now for my friends from the US, who do not know a think about this so called gentlemen’s game, a few facts:

1. A cricket team consists of 11 players, 1 extra, 1 coach, 1 manager.

2. After the toss team decide who will bat first.

3. If it is a one day international, each team gets to play 50 overs. An over consists of 6 balls.

4. Now the second team has to score more runs then runs scored by the team batting first to win the match.

5. If it is a test match both the sides bat twice and the game goes on till 5 days and 90 overs a day. It is pretty boring kinds of game and only 12 nations have status as test playing nation.

6. The game is discovered by British but they never won the World Cup ever since it has begun.


1975 : West Indies

1979 : West Indies

1983 : India

1987 : Australia

1991 : Pakistan

1996 : Sri Lanka

1999 : Australia

2003 : Aus

2007 : Going on (My bet is on New Zealand)

For the first time in the history of the game, Team India is out of the tournament from the first round itself. In last world cup (2003) we played the final match against Australia and lost. But at least we gave a fight.

So that���s it!

Have a wonderful day ahead!


One thought on “Happy Easter! (a bit late though!)

  1. hi there still burnt out from the road so don’t know how much sense I will make right now. I had a great Easter weekend, hugging my grandbabies,(Yes I am a very young! grandma)took pictures of me and my three kids and there is nothing like the pride you feel when youre looking at your grown son, hes 21, and your beautiful daughters, 22 12, and then told you about my travel adventure getting lost but we all got along great and had a good time. Thanks for educating me about where the town is located at the Himalayas would love to see the traditional dress and artifacts there. The rocky movies are about the average small guy and about hopes and dreams for the future, and about resielience to never quit no matter what. I lieke the new rocky movie, had a lot more story in it what was good for me. I even have a very old picture of me from germany where my husband shot me running up stairs and standing in a rocky pose on top of the stairs, was just right before we got married ,Oh youre just brining up all those memories. again I hope that everything will come out just wonderful on your special day, but cricket isnt that a game for old english geesers riding thier horses and knocking a ball, or thats crocket whatever, well talk to you later

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