Last moment treats!

Yesterday the carom competition concluded in my office and Srinivas and Vikram’s team, who beaten my team in the first round won the final prize. And in a surprise round of voting, the office selected the most popular guy in office and guess who won?


It was me! So I got a surprise gift!

So! Now I can proudly say that I am the most popular guy in my office too! LOL! The picture on the top is of the little prize that I got. It is a cool little clock.

I upgraded the memory of my digital camera and now it can store up to 1000 photos. It is way too much than I ever needed!

Only last 13 days are remaining in wedding and only 8 days to go before I’ll catch the bus to Indore.

Ahh… I don’t know if everyone feels the same way before getting married? I am feeling a bit relaxed to see Amit Tiwari in office as he’ll be getting married on 21st April. Yeah he is getting married before me. But tomorrow will be his last day and I’ll be left out here for another week with all this anxiety!

We all from office went for a lunch that was a treat from me and Amit and guess what we ate? It was a complete true blue Indian classical restaurant called ‘Rajdhani’ and we had so delicious food. Here is the food…

And here is the sweet…My Favorite!

Mango Juice!

Yeas Mango Juice…! First time in this season I got it as a surprise as I was not expecting it before going to Indore!


5 thoughts on “Last moment treats!

  1. Congrats Buddy !!

    Mango juice in the summer time is excellent, and it is tempting me ! Anyway, it is raining here outside, right now.

  2. Where’s the meat and potatoes? *grin…I’m just joking

    Mr. Most Popular, huh? That’s awesome your company acknowledges the need for down time activities so their workers can stress-unwind, laugh together, bond with each other in the work environment …but totally not related to the job.

    Still nervous over the wedding? LOL – I remember mine…so just think about the truth. The entire ceremony last 10-20 minutes of standing in front of the crowd – then it’s over! Just focus on the celebration afterwards and the honeymoon.

    Cya ~ HUGS

  3. doesnt surprise me that u were voted mr popularity! you are awesome…. cool blog thanks for shareing it with us all♥

  4. yes thaanks for the pictures and I like getting a glimpse into your everyday life in india with everything you post. Trying to figure out the food you have a lot ofdips andsauces and rice , kind of like mexican or chinese food I would try some of the suces if there not too spicy, as for your cricket team you all just put way too much pressure to perform on the poor guys, so they literally dropped the ball hahaha

  5. Congratulate the most popular guy also my dearest friend dushyant ! lol you are really Awesome ! I dnt wonder either that you Won ! heheh you are very special with such a cute likeable smile ! lol I hope you enjoyed your prize so much ,its really so cute ! hehe

    I know its normal to feel nervous about wedding .I hope you will be fine ! as the person who will be on your wedding they are the closest person in your life ,all care about love you so much !it is going to be a most perfect wedding with infinite love care laughters happiness sweetness blah blah …. hehehe i hope you will be less nervous ! as it s going to be only greatest !
    The food look so cute and delicious ! you were trying to tempt us by the pics ! lol Im just kidding ! I love these interesting pics !

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