8 Days to go…!

First thing is my condolences to families of all the victims of Virginia tragedy. Someone told me that there were 2 Indians also died in the incident. One is a 45 year old professor and Minal Panchal, a 17 year old student of first year.

It was all so very sad.

Second thing is I’d like to thank Gabriele for mentioning my name in her blog post and painting a beautiful rose for me as a wedding gift. Thanks Gabriele, you rock!

The weekend was just great. We roamed around the city and on Monday morning I realized it is all a matter of 10 days (then! NOW 8 DAYS to go).

I am not panic. Just need some tranquilizers to calm down (LOL!). I told my boss to do not give me any kind of work now and he promised me for that. Meanwhile, Nikhil came this weekend from Mumbai with a couple of luggage bags. They are fabulous and I think will solve all the needs of baggage in coming future. I did my last bit of shopping (again!) and am totally pissed off of this shopping thing.

To be very sharp, I am now thinking of nice holidays with my wife in Himalayas to seek the peace of mind.

I’ll be off in a couple of days and will not be able to access internet or blog for at least3 weeks. I hope people from the blog world won’t forget me in this small time spawn!

Keep smiling friends!


5 thoughts on “8 Days to go…!

  1. Best Wishes to you and your new wife Dushyant♥, she is a lucky woman, HAVE A SAFE AND WONDERFUL TRIP,God Bless, your friend Katieeeeee

  2. I like the pictures you took in the two blogs you posted before this one –
    LOL…I’m just going to comment on one blog though – so I can make a few rounds around the 360 neighborhood.

    Your wedding is going to be one amazing experience. I had no idea what all was involved. Take lots of notes to share with us, so you won’t forget anything over the 3 weeks while you’ll be absent from the internet. Except the honeymoon – you can leave off the details for that! LOL

    BTW: I am doing good – ready for my vacation to start next week!!!

    Cya ~ Hugs,

  3. Hello dushyant !I have heard that sad news ,It was a big calamity! I know the familes must be heartstricken !only wish they will be fine by the time .
    I hope you will have a nice trip tomorrow ! I wish you and your new beautiful wife a most fabulous amazing wedding with so much so much fun and laughters smiles ! sending my bestest wishes to you and everyone of your family !May you two always be in love! May happiness increase with age.
    just enjoy your time my dear friend ! we will miss you and hope to hear from you again !! hugs&love

  4. Dushyant have the greatest most wonderful time in these next few weeks and do come back with lots of pictures. I wont forget you in this time spann, (not spawn, even though it shows where youre mind is haha) Wish I sould dance at your wedding, and thanks for the compliment, yeah I do rock had to put out some kick ass Korn today. congratulations and best wishes to ya

  5. Hello dushyant ! How are you ?Hope you are still in office now ! there is a music for you and Priyanka in my new blog ! Hope you like ! also wishing you a nice trip ! and a most happy special amazing wedding soon ! ! *hugs*

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