I am getting married!

And here comes my dear Chinese friend YanYan with a wonderful blog entry! Thanks to you dear for a wonderful blog and your wishes. If I count from now, the tag will say 6 days to go but the truth is I am going home today evening and in a couple of days time I’ll be with almost 50 relatives and friends and the counting will increase as the clock will tick. Next Thursday the final ceremoney will take place.

SO, as some of you might be interested in the way we get married in our part of India (There are several different kind of rituals are performed in different places of India and all qualify as same.). I am getting married according to the Hindu rituals.

Here is a brief list that is expected to happen. I know it might be a bit funny but this is the way. Infect sometime all this causes a lot of laugh in our daily laughs.

1. I’ll reach home on Saturday morning and my mom might break into tears!

2. Need to go on shopping for the last bit (again!), in India it never gets over!

3. Friends will cry for an individual party as alcohol is strictly a no-no in family weddings (well most of!)! For them party means BOOZE and pass out! So I need to take time for them.

4. Need to count friends again and figure if someone is left who is not invited! (Again… This also never ends here!)

5. I will have mehendi on hands.

6. I will ride a horse and all the friends and relatives will dance in front of it for over 2 hours on live band music.

7. My shoes will be stolen by my sister-in-laws (Priyanka’s sisters) and then I need to pay them some money after negotiation (it will be at least 5 times the actual cost of the shoes)!

And so on…

I think photos will speak a lot more than this.. I am sure will get a lot of them as now I do have a rocking 2GB + 512 MB memory for my digital camera.

Friends, this is going to be my second longest break from 360 since I started here. I’ll miss you all. As my ‘e-mom’ Jackie has told me, I’ll keep taking notes to remember what needs to be blogged when I return!

Zoe, you will get all the account of wedding traditions.

Gabriele, I’ll give you a lot of stuff to be used as inspiration on my return!

Jessica, Katie, Ashleigh, Jane, Angel and Rachel… I miss you all and will get the full account when I’ll come back! Gin bhai take care!

AND apart from my blog-world friends, all of you who visit my page and never comment, have a nice time ahead and miss me!

AND all of you who are coming to attend the wedding… WELCOME! And CHEERS!

Bye for now friends.

See you all soon!

Let the life begin!

PS: If I forget to mention something please excuse me as cannot think of anything now! LOL!

PSS: If you don’t understand any term… do a Google!


7 thoughts on “I am getting married!

  1. Hi Dushyant! I’m Molly! I saw Yanyan’s special page dedicated to your Wedding! Congratulations to you and your gorgeous bride all the way from Australia! I’m looking forward to your pics too! God bless! Jesus loves you both! Have a splendid Wedding!=)

  2. wow so many so many things needed to be done before wedding ! hehehehe I hope you didnt have a hard time to get your shoes back Dushyant ! hehe just kidding ! Im sure everything went greatest ! I wish you an amazing honeymoon with all the happiness ! best wishes to you and your family !

  3. I hope you will have a happy new life!!! Thank you for thinking of about me with the wedding traditions…reading your blog give me questions…as you already knew it would!! 🙂
    I hope you and your new wife will be blessed with many happy years!!!!

  4. I am back from vacation with the memories of seeing the most beautiful angel, my granddaughter Ava Marie be welcomed into the world….SO YOU SHOULD BE OVER THIS HONEYMOON BY NOW!!!!

    LOL – I’m ready for the notes to be shared.

    I hope it was a joyful marriage celebration and wish you BOTH happiness ALWAYS!

    Warm Hugs,
    Jackie aka Mom

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