Actually It is tough to blog about honeymoon! I mean.. there are moments which cannot be defined in simple text format. So here are some pics of my great journey of new life which started on 29th April ’07.

We started from Indore at 4 o’clock in the evening by the ‘great indian railways’!
Found ourselves some good company as the journey was long! All these kids were in the same compartment and had connecting berths from ours. They (and their parents) were thrilled to know that we’ve been just married for 3 days! our Mehendi in hads was still fresh.
Sun was getting down so the tiredness of last fortnight on our faces was visible!
The train stopped in the jungle for some signal or something and I got this capture!
We reached Deheradun, the capital of Uttaranchal, the northern state of India, on 30th April at 9 Pm and started for Massoorie the next morning in a taxi.
We stopped at a temple on the way!
And Priyanka announced that she has seen this temple somewhere before!
Ask me and I’ll tell you that I told her all about her reincarnation and seeing this temple in her past life! LOL!
Internet prooved it self as the best medium to plan holidays! The room and the package that we had book was superb. I mean atleast no issues!
We were so hungry that the first thing we decided was to go out for a lunch!
Here is a view from out room window! ‘The Mall’ road of Massoorie.
The very old and famous revolving restaurent was just in front of out hotel! We went there for a bite later.
And I realized that Deheradun is not too far but way too below! we were actually at 6000 Ft. above the sea level at Himalayan Vally!
Behind Priyanka is standing the great Himalayan range and the vally of Garhwaal. After the last peak which was all snow covered in the summer time in India, located the Indo-China Border. YanYan! I was there!
And we had lunch here! Trust me coming from 43 Degree C to 10 Degrees was so cool!
And the evening was beautiful!
So was the night!

Wedding Blog – Day 3 – 26th April

It is going to be a big blog! The Day 3 seems a very long day looking from here! Well It was the day and here are the details about how it was!
So this bus was there to take us all to the bride’s house!
And here we go!
And we reached! with friends and family!
Welcome Breakfast!
My friends decided to prapose Priyanka and checking if she wants to change her mind!
And Poonam, Aarti, Mom, Aunt (Buaji) and Didi… All set!
Ah…! She tried Saree for this occassion! My L’il sis!
My Mother i law.. came with some sweets in lunch!
And Priyanka’s Aunt!
Jagdish tried to force fed Tony, My bro-in-law!
Dance and more!
Mom and me!
My dear Bhabhi in a very traditional Dance pose.. to tell you.. this pic is a kind of victory of the technology! She will be teased forever for this! LOL!
It aint over! YET!
I am not over guys! Gaurav, Vicky Bhai, Nikhil and me!
Dancing queens!
Time for some more stuff.. here are all the gifts that we took for the bride!
Gold Jwelery, Sweets and Dry Fruits
A Dress (Saree), with some more Jwelery
Makeup Box!
They are ready for the occassion of gifting the bride the things that we got for her followed by our engagement!
All set!
Some formalities!
Here she is!
With this ring ceremony we are formally engaged
…! Don’t ask as in good old days bride and groom never used to meet before there wedding.. so this happens right before wedding!
We – for the first time together! (for a pic!)
She got all the gifts! (I got a coconut!)
Here is the official ride! I am on the horse and Atharva as a companion!
On the roads! We are out and celebrating!
Dance and rock the world! Band artists in the background! Ankit got it right!
Atharva is now replaced at the horse by other kids… seems he is not loving it at all.. wants to get back.. Ajay bhai is looking cool!
My uncle! Kakaji!
It’s still on!
We are not tired!
Jagdish! Yo Man! Keep it up!
Kudos to the kiddos!
Yeh Friends!
The drummer and the beats!
We are welcomed by rose palets by my in-laws. The guy in dark shirt, the first one is Priyank, My childhood friend and Priyanka’s cousin.
She is Priyanka’s cousin Tina and wont let me in till I put some money in the pot on her head! Entry Fee!
Okay! Atharva is back and 500/- bucks are in the pot!
What! You thought we are all in…?
At the Mandapam I was greeteb by my mom-in-law.
She did some rituals!
I was there! waiting for my bride to come!
My feet were washed by my father-in-law.
They put some purification things on my hand i.e. Milk, Honey and Kumkum.
Same for her. I was unable to see her as there was a curtain between us!
The curtain was off and we were there! Hands in Hands! We got married! This was the moment!
And it looks like party is still on!
Dad! He was delighted!
So others!
Jijaji! Show some moves!
And I was there!
Ready for the party!
Aarti was a stunner that day!
Trust me!
And we went on stage!
Party was on!

From here on.. my kiddie photographers went to sleep and no one took further photographs! LOL!

Wedding Blog – Day 2 – 25th April

On the second day of the event of my wedding, we all shifted to this place which is made exclusively for organizing wedding functions. The first thing that we did was worship of Lord Ganesha, but the kids who were playing with my digital camera chose not to take pictures of the ritual and waited till the drummer came to rock the party.

The function of the wedding officially started today!

(Trivia: It was for the second time everyone rounded up to shake their legs in the wedding!)

Dance! Dance! Dance!
Dance! The ‘Garba’ Style! In a circle.
Just do it man!
And at the same time the ‘Mandapam’ was being stablished. It is a process for creating the sacred place in the house to do the holy rituals.
And the gates were getting decorated with colorful papers.
As the rituals are, the ‘Mandapam’ is supported by one of my cousin’s husband. You can see the priest, Sharad, there instructing my parents for the next thing.
The Holy Fire!
And they will try to teas and molest me now! It is called ‘Haldi’, means turmaric. to disinfect me and they will wash me. It was 3 in the afternoon and the temprature outside was 43 degrees. It was a killer man. HOT!
Okay! they started well!
It is going fine
are you okay?
oo! something is going to happen!
I am scared now!
Mom is not around! what all these sister-in-laws (bhabhi s) and sisters/cousins (didi s) and aunts will do to me?
Stop touching me!
Well I… I … let me go!
Stop it!
Stop it please! LOL! Not there…Not there!
Oh my god!
is it over now?
having fun… don’t you?
something remaining?
Now what?
I beg you! leave me!
Please let me go!
Hooooooly cow!
Now?…. thank god!
In the evening it was the birthday of ‘Parth’, so we got a cake and all kids enjoyed it! It was indeed a grand b’day celebration for the little champ!
And ‘Sangeet’ means the official dance of the wedding begun! My dad is surely look like a rockstar in this pic!
All my cousins and kids of the family!
I love this pic! My eldest cousin and his wife share a sweet moment… see his moves and look at her blushing!
All the ladies in the family!
Yeah! like that!
Never miss the moves!
The audiance!
My sweet niece, Vaidehi! she rocked… we call her Gudia, means doll!
And my friend Anu! She performed a wonderful dance!
And came the rockstar of the event! She is Aarti’s (My sister’s) friend and roommate in hostel. She rocked on a track called ‘You made me crazy’! All my friends were shocked to see her moves! A lot of whistels and claps!
And the bunch of them!
Amit – my friend! He cannot resist this opportunity to be the alfa male of the event! He performed! girls drooled!
And off stage – we rocked!

Wedding Blog – Day 1 – 24th April

In the morning of 24th April 2007, we worshiped our collection of god idols! They generally look far more arranged and neat but as this place, which is our apartment in Indore, remains unoccupied, isolated and locked for most of the time, the neatness is missing.
Family of gods… here one can see Krishna, Shiva, Ganesha, Durgaji, Annapurna and others.
The first official set of preparation for weddind was made by the females of the house who are married and living blissfully. It is made of cornflore .. just know this much!
Ladies of the house left for some place in the neighbourhood to take blessings from mother earth and prepared oven and storage containers made of clay and mud. (Trivia: in old days the mud used to come from the farm of the family!)
Looks like fun!
And the first ritual for me… the ‘Satya Narayan Katha’! It took 20 mins as the priest (who is the only brother-in-law of my cousin Abhishek bhai and was booked by me since last 4 years for this day! LOL) was very good!
And here comes Mehendi.. on my hands! When this paste made from leaf of a certain tree dries.. it leaves beautiful shades from Brown to black on skin… the sample is there on my feet! The darker the color—the more you are loved by your lover! (Priyanka actually warned me if her shade of mehendi remained light… It was scary.. was kind of test of my love! 😦 LOL! )
This girl is a professional Mehendi artist and hired to apply mehendi on my hands… apart from me, all the females had mehendi on their hands. Almost every girl knows how to do Mehendi.
Ah! I have to wait till my Mehendi dries…! cannot eat by my own hands.. not to worry.. my eldest sister-in-law is here to help! She also has mehendi on her hands!
And everyone is going Mehendi! (It lasts atleast for 10 days!)
Hey! thats my hands! According to the fun thing… Priyanka’s name is written here on my hands and my name is on Priyanka’s hands… we are supposed to find our names in each other’s hands on the first night! 😉 Can you find her name?
Am I scared? Hell… i dunno!
And no one can wait for her to be here! Here I am with cousins! and pic of her!
Me and mom! Dance started!
And there are kiddiee rock on the dance floor (or on the apartment floor!)
Aunties and sister-in-laws and sisters… everybody dance now!
Didi (sister) and Bhabhi (sister-in-law)
2 more bhabhis! they really danced their hearts out! before everyone was too tired to shake legs. It was 2 AM and from the next morning.. the action was about to begin!
Well there is more but for the day one

The return and the new beginning!

Hi Friends!

I am back and perfectly fine. The wedding was superb and we all had the best time of our lives. Actually I am a little late here as I returned on Monday but never got time to look into 360 because of the workload. everything was waiting for me for almost one month.

Well! Here I am with a lot of stories and a lot of photographs. I think I should go slow to explain everything in detail! It will be fun! I promise. For example… the photo posted with this entry is actually clicked by me in the Himalayas.

I am so glad to be back here and happy to know that you all missed me.

As for now… Priyanka is still in Indore and I am back to Pune (alone! 😦 !).

So tell me first.. how are you people?