The return and the new beginning!

Hi Friends!

I am back and perfectly fine. The wedding was superb and we all had the best time of our lives. Actually I am a little late here as I returned on Monday but never got time to look into 360 because of the workload. everything was waiting for me for almost one month.

Well! Here I am with a lot of stories and a lot of photographs. I think I should go slow to explain everything in detail! It will be fun! I promise. For example… the photo posted with this entry is actually clicked by me in the Himalayas.

I am so glad to be back here and happy to know that you all missed me.

As for now… Priyanka is still in Indore and I am back to Pune (alone! 😦 !).

So tell me first.. how are you people?


6 thoughts on “The return and the new beginning!

  1. Hi there, glad you had the chance to check back in here. I am so happy for you, your new bride has a very sweet smile(I assume thats her in the picture) and she is very pretty I looked at your pictures. Its so cool that you share this with us. The clothes are so colorful and everyone seemed to have a great time. It looks like they poured cold water on you or something like that. Well again, I am so happy for you, that you enjoyed your special day.

  2. I can def say that you have been missed! It’s so nice to see how happy you are.cant wait to see all of your photos… xoxoxox

  3. It must be hard on you and your new bride to be apart now..hope you both will together together soon!! Can’t wait to see all the pictures and stories!

  4. Thanks for the pictures and posting a blog – I was starting to wonder if married life was going to keep you away from here forever…LOL

    Hopefully your bride will be all moved in real soon.
    Good luck with returning to the workload that somehow managed to wait for you. (bummer!)

    Take care ~ warm hugs,

  5. Welcome you back Dushyant ! Wow Im going to enjoy your fantastic stories !So happy to hear from you again ! thank you so much for taking time to make them blogs to show us !hope you and Priyanka are both doing great ! you can be together again soon !

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