Wedding Blog – Day 1 – 24th April

In the morning of 24th April 2007, we worshiped our collection of god idols! They generally look far more arranged and neat but as this place, which is our apartment in Indore, remains unoccupied, isolated and locked for most of the time, the neatness is missing.
Family of gods… here one can see Krishna, Shiva, Ganesha, Durgaji, Annapurna and others.
The first official set of preparation for weddind was made by the females of the house who are married and living blissfully. It is made of cornflore .. just know this much!
Ladies of the house left for some place in the neighbourhood to take blessings from mother earth and prepared oven and storage containers made of clay and mud. (Trivia: in old days the mud used to come from the farm of the family!)
Looks like fun!
And the first ritual for me… the ‘Satya Narayan Katha’! It took 20 mins as the priest (who is the only brother-in-law of my cousin Abhishek bhai and was booked by me since last 4 years for this day! LOL) was very good!
And here comes Mehendi.. on my hands! When this paste made from leaf of a certain tree dries.. it leaves beautiful shades from Brown to black on skin… the sample is there on my feet! The darker the color—the more you are loved by your lover! (Priyanka actually warned me if her shade of mehendi remained light… It was scary.. was kind of test of my love! 😦 LOL! )
This girl is a professional Mehendi artist and hired to apply mehendi on my hands… apart from me, all the females had mehendi on their hands. Almost every girl knows how to do Mehendi.
Ah! I have to wait till my Mehendi dries…! cannot eat by my own hands.. not to worry.. my eldest sister-in-law is here to help! She also has mehendi on her hands!
And everyone is going Mehendi! (It lasts atleast for 10 days!)
Hey! thats my hands! According to the fun thing… Priyanka’s name is written here on my hands and my name is on Priyanka’s hands… we are supposed to find our names in each other’s hands on the first night! 😉 Can you find her name?
Am I scared? Hell… i dunno!
And no one can wait for her to be here! Here I am with cousins! and pic of her!
Me and mom! Dance started!
And there are kiddiee rock on the dance floor (or on the apartment floor!)
Aunties and sister-in-laws and sisters… everybody dance now!
Didi (sister) and Bhabhi (sister-in-law)
2 more bhabhis! they really danced their hearts out! before everyone was too tired to shake legs. It was 2 AM and from the next morning.. the action was about to begin!
Well there is more but for the day one

6 thoughts on “Wedding Blog – Day 1 – 24th April

  1. It is soo very cool of you to share this, everything is in those beautiful red and orange colors and it seems so sensual to have people spend all that time and attention to do that intricate handpainting on you. Didn’t find your brides name on your hands. Love the claymaking idea, its a lot of comunity activities going on. Wow what a interesting culture and traditions you have. A german wedding usually contains of going to a church ceremony, usually cahtolic or protestant, two sets of mother in laws, that usually cant stand each other , talking behind each others back, after the ceremony, the family of the groom usually kidnapps the bride and hides her in someones house until the groom tracks her down, then they drink a lot of beer, play the 40 year old german polka music and dance the walz or tango. Soon everyone is drunk and singing and jodeling and its time to go home. I remember being tired and glad the circus was over at the end of the day. Again I am wishing you and Pryanka(sounds like princess) a lifetime of joy and happiness together

  2. Awesome note taking and pictures, pictures and more beautiful pictures!

    Send me an email each time you post a new blog – I’m having fun.

    I’m so happy for you both…BTW – I couldn’t find her name written on your hand…LOL…give me a hint!

  3. Very nice!!! Why do you do the Mehendi on the hands, feet or other parts of the body?? And the why clay and mud ..then set it on a table. Sorry, you know me :)..I need to know why you do these things…I like learning about the different things that are done and why they and done!! 🙂

  4. I really enjoyed so much so much from this blog ! India wedding is really cool,so romantic ! wrote each ‘s names on each other’s hands .the dacker the color is ,the better . hehehe really romantic also mystic ! every oneof your family look so cute and happy !

  5. hey dear frien Dadu
    I just gone thru this blog and really felt that I am at your wedding.
    I really apologize that I could not make it your wedding but more over I’m repenting for not being there.

    Your dearest FRIEND

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