Wedding Blog – Day 2 – 25th April

On the second day of the event of my wedding, we all shifted to this place which is made exclusively for organizing wedding functions. The first thing that we did was worship of Lord Ganesha, but the kids who were playing with my digital camera chose not to take pictures of the ritual and waited till the drummer came to rock the party.

The function of the wedding officially started today!

(Trivia: It was for the second time everyone rounded up to shake their legs in the wedding!)

Dance! Dance! Dance!
Dance! The ‘Garba’ Style! In a circle.
Just do it man!
And at the same time the ‘Mandapam’ was being stablished. It is a process for creating the sacred place in the house to do the holy rituals.
And the gates were getting decorated with colorful papers.
As the rituals are, the ‘Mandapam’ is supported by one of my cousin’s husband. You can see the priest, Sharad, there instructing my parents for the next thing.
The Holy Fire!
And they will try to teas and molest me now! It is called ‘Haldi’, means turmaric. to disinfect me and they will wash me. It was 3 in the afternoon and the temprature outside was 43 degrees. It was a killer man. HOT!
Okay! they started well!
It is going fine
are you okay?
oo! something is going to happen!
I am scared now!
Mom is not around! what all these sister-in-laws (bhabhi s) and sisters/cousins (didi s) and aunts will do to me?
Stop touching me!
Well I… I … let me go!
Stop it!
Stop it please! LOL! Not there…Not there!
Oh my god!
is it over now?
having fun… don’t you?
something remaining?
Now what?
I beg you! leave me!
Please let me go!
Hooooooly cow!
Now?…. thank god!
In the evening it was the birthday of ‘Parth’, so we got a cake and all kids enjoyed it! It was indeed a grand b’day celebration for the little champ!
And ‘Sangeet’ means the official dance of the wedding begun! My dad is surely look like a rockstar in this pic!
All my cousins and kids of the family!
I love this pic! My eldest cousin and his wife share a sweet moment… see his moves and look at her blushing!
All the ladies in the family!
Yeah! like that!
Never miss the moves!
The audiance!
My sweet niece, Vaidehi! she rocked… we call her Gudia, means doll!
And my friend Anu! She performed a wonderful dance!
And came the rockstar of the event! She is Aarti’s (My sister’s) friend and roommate in hostel. She rocked on a track called ‘You made me crazy’! All my friends were shocked to see her moves! A lot of whistels and claps!
And the bunch of them!
Amit – my friend! He cannot resist this opportunity to be the alfa male of the event! He performed! girls drooled!
And off stage – we rocked!

8 thoughts on “Wedding Blog – Day 2 – 25th April

    I just got home from India…And we saw a couple of weeddings and I am just so jealous because Iwant to be back in india I just loved it..
    congratuations…. you look amazing

  2. that must be awesome to have so many females standing over you and giving you their attention, even if youre freezing your butt off and get stuff smashed all over you, very cool

  3. I giggle through the teasing from the ladies and smiled through all the dancing photos. Whoever took all these pictures needs a huge thank you – he/she captured all the special moments perfectly!!!!

  4. Wonderful ^^ both wedding and your pics ^0^
    My wedding is rather difference from a wedding in VietNam ^^ I see they present a happy, a sweet and a joy.

  5. Hahaha this is so fun ! I smiled so much ! the wedding had vcomplex processes .every process had special meaning / its real that everyone can dance I know now ! these pics are really greaand fun ! keke

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