Wedding Blog – Day 3 – 26th April

It is going to be a big blog! The Day 3 seems a very long day looking from here! Well It was the day and here are the details about how it was!
So this bus was there to take us all to the bride’s house!
And here we go!
And we reached! with friends and family!
Welcome Breakfast!
My friends decided to prapose Priyanka and checking if she wants to change her mind!
And Poonam, Aarti, Mom, Aunt (Buaji) and Didi… All set!
Ah…! She tried Saree for this occassion! My L’il sis!
My Mother i law.. came with some sweets in lunch!
And Priyanka’s Aunt!
Jagdish tried to force fed Tony, My bro-in-law!
Dance and more!
Mom and me!
My dear Bhabhi in a very traditional Dance pose.. to tell you.. this pic is a kind of victory of the technology! She will be teased forever for this! LOL!
It aint over! YET!
I am not over guys! Gaurav, Vicky Bhai, Nikhil and me!
Dancing queens!
Time for some more stuff.. here are all the gifts that we took for the bride!
Gold Jwelery, Sweets and Dry Fruits
A Dress (Saree), with some more Jwelery
Makeup Box!
They are ready for the occassion of gifting the bride the things that we got for her followed by our engagement!
All set!
Some formalities!
Here she is!
With this ring ceremony we are formally engaged
…! Don’t ask as in good old days bride and groom never used to meet before there wedding.. so this happens right before wedding!
We – for the first time together! (for a pic!)
She got all the gifts! (I got a coconut!)
Here is the official ride! I am on the horse and Atharva as a companion!
On the roads! We are out and celebrating!
Dance and rock the world! Band artists in the background! Ankit got it right!
Atharva is now replaced at the horse by other kids… seems he is not loving it at all.. wants to get back.. Ajay bhai is looking cool!
My uncle! Kakaji!
It’s still on!
We are not tired!
Jagdish! Yo Man! Keep it up!
Kudos to the kiddos!
Yeh Friends!
The drummer and the beats!
We are welcomed by rose palets by my in-laws. The guy in dark shirt, the first one is Priyank, My childhood friend and Priyanka’s cousin.
She is Priyanka’s cousin Tina and wont let me in till I put some money in the pot on her head! Entry Fee!
Okay! Atharva is back and 500/- bucks are in the pot!
What! You thought we are all in…?
At the Mandapam I was greeteb by my mom-in-law.
She did some rituals!
I was there! waiting for my bride to come!
My feet were washed by my father-in-law.
They put some purification things on my hand i.e. Milk, Honey and Kumkum.
Same for her. I was unable to see her as there was a curtain between us!
The curtain was off and we were there! Hands in Hands! We got married! This was the moment!
And it looks like party is still on!
Dad! He was delighted!
So others!
Jijaji! Show some moves!
And I was there!
Ready for the party!
Aarti was a stunner that day!
Trust me!
And we went on stage!
Party was on!

From here on.. my kiddie photographers went to sleep and no one took further photographs! LOL!


6 thoughts on “Wedding Blog – Day 3 – 26th April

  1. Hi there I’m glad I got that first comment in. Your bride looks sooooo beautiful!!!! and her gown , its just like a picture from a fairy tale, from 1001 nights, You are right about your sister too, she is standing there so poised and graceful in her pose like a prom queen. Thank you for sharing this, youre a lucky man

  2. Wow great weeding, i enjoyed the pics so much, tnx my friend for sharing this, at least i know some of your traditions…

  3. Wow! I don’t know what to say! Is this the marriage ceremony in India? This is overwhelming…Nevertheless, I’d say Congratulations! Priyanka is very beautiful. You look well paired…Hmmm…

  4. Just like I saw the wedding in real !you did really great blogs !
    Its really gorgeous and special wedding ! Priyanka is a very beautiful bride , you look gorgrous tooo !. love all the beautiful vivid traditional dresses !
    everyone wass so happy in the pics , your dad was the best dancer for sure ! hehe the hat you wore in the second pic ,I feel its like Mongolia hat .hehe Aarti is very beautiful also her dress .
    in my school there are students fromIndia . girls always wear the beautiful traditional india dresses ,very feminine .but guys never wore the traditional india dresses . its the same in yopur pics . lol

  5. You and your bride look very nice..she is beautiful!!! I think it is interest..the curtain between you and the hands in hands!! I like it…to me it is the true maening of a is what a marriage is about!

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