Actually It is tough to blog about honeymoon! I mean.. there are moments which cannot be defined in simple text format. So here are some pics of my great journey of new life which started on 29th April ’07.

We started from Indore at 4 o’clock in the evening by the ‘great indian railways’!
Found ourselves some good company as the journey was long! All these kids were in the same compartment and had connecting berths from ours. They (and their parents) were thrilled to know that we’ve been just married for 3 days! our Mehendi in hads was still fresh.
Sun was getting down so the tiredness of last fortnight on our faces was visible!
The train stopped in the jungle for some signal or something and I got this capture!
We reached Deheradun, the capital of Uttaranchal, the northern state of India, on 30th April at 9 Pm and started for Massoorie the next morning in a taxi.
We stopped at a temple on the way!
And Priyanka announced that she has seen this temple somewhere before!
Ask me and I’ll tell you that I told her all about her reincarnation and seeing this temple in her past life! LOL!
Internet prooved it self as the best medium to plan holidays! The room and the package that we had book was superb. I mean atleast no issues!
We were so hungry that the first thing we decided was to go out for a lunch!
Here is a view from out room window! ‘The Mall’ road of Massoorie.
The very old and famous revolving restaurent was just in front of out hotel! We went there for a bite later.
And I realized that Deheradun is not too far but way too below! we were actually at 6000 Ft. above the sea level at Himalayan Vally!
Behind Priyanka is standing the great Himalayan range and the vally of Garhwaal. After the last peak which was all snow covered in the summer time in India, located the Indo-China Border. YanYan! I was there!
And we had lunch here! Trust me coming from 43 Degree C to 10 Degrees was so cool!
And the evening was beautiful!
So was the night!

4 thoughts on “Indore-Deheradun-Massoorie

  1. Your wife is beatiful, as beautiful as the sunsets you showed in here. The places are beautiful. You have romantic settings. Surely you will love each other as beautifully as these…

  2. All so beautiful and lovely , these kids had very cute smiles , they were very interested in you and Priyanka ! hehehe the temper look so awesome !
    YAY 6000 Ft! I never been a place was at 6000 Ft.must be like breathtaking feeling hehe!I wish one day can get on the mountaion too !
    only 10C ,that was cold ! hehe You are Priyanka look really perfect together ! Its beautiful romantic honeymoon !
    thank you so much for taking time to make these awesome blogs ! I did enjoyed so much so much ! you have a great talent at composition organizing ! looking forward to seeing more !

  3. thank you for sharing those great pictures, yes Pryanka has the brightest and sweetest smile, and the sunset must have been breathtaking from way up there, the landscape remeinds me a lot of the BAvarian Alps but I think the Himalayans are even higher up there, its like a lookout for us to enjoy gods mighty creation

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